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You are convinced by the possibilities of Copernica and you'd like to start using it within your own organization as soon as possible. But then you suddenly face a huge problem: How do you get all of your data into Copernica in a structured set up? During this session, Paul de Metter of Arlanet shows you how to deal with this issue and provides valuable tips & tricks on how to succesfully integrate your information.


  • 1. Integrate Anything Paul de Metter Arlanet Digital Engineers

2. Copernica Summit 2013 3. Integrate Anything Paul de Metter Arlanet Digital Engineers 4. Once upon a time the TYPEWRITER existed 5. Then the nerds took over and DIGITIZED information 6. Sharing everything over the internet for FREE 7. And even worse they made it SIMPLE 8. Do you still know where all data comes from? 9. Do you still know where all data goes to? 10. Because your data needs to be 11. VIRTUA L CLOU D SECURE SIMPLE BIG DATA PRIVACY UPTIME REAL-TIME 12. How will we centralize our data? (in Copernica) 13. NEWSLETTERS MARKETING COMMUNICATION NEWSLETTERSNEWSLETTERS MARKETING 14. Communication needs data and intelligence 15. Copernica needs integration and conversion 16. Now how can we make this WORK? 17. What do our our clients tell us? 18. CLIENT INFO PURCHASES FEEDBACK PREFERENCES 19. Now how does this data LOOK LIKE? 20. Well actually a lot like THIS! 21. You just need to ORDER and ORGANIZE 22. Most of us have complex environments 23. With at least a dozen applications 24. Every application has its own standard 25. But it could integrate using the same message 26. Such as XML 27. And even better the same receiver 28. Such as Copernica 29. Lets start using Copernica 30. INTEGRATION S WORKFLOW VERIFIED E-MAILS COPERNICA API 31. Now you already have tons of data 32. And can improve data using other channels 33. Oops my website has already been built 34. We can build a new one for you! 35. We can build a new one for you! 36. You now have tons of data as well 37. But it is not linked to your primary processes 38. Youre doing the work TWICE 39. Which can cost you quite some ENERGY 40. And result in a lot of 41. Centralize anything 42. Integrate anything 43. And let marketing take over 44. Thank YOU 45. Question and ANSWER?