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Junk Yard Group: Avory Schanfelter, Sean McConnaughey, Spencer Fiumara

Junkyard Project

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Powerpoint on a junkyard for future cars

Text of Junkyard Project

Page 1: Junkyard Project

Junk YardGroup: Avory Schanfelter, Sean

McConnaughey, Spencer Fiumara

Page 2: Junkyard Project

Gas Powered Cars• Vehicles: Car, SUV’s, Trucks• Average miles to the gallon

for a car is 21-25.• Average miles to the gallon

for a SUV is 12-18.• Average miles to the gallon

for a truck is 12-17.• This is without any chips,

smoke stacks, or upgrades.

Page 3: Junkyard Project

Gas Powered Cars Continued

• Gas has been exterminated at this point because we have ran out of oil.

• We knew from scientific facts that this would eventually happen.

• Gasoline cars are most common in the junk yard these days.

• Year: 2000-2022

Page 4: Junkyard Project

Hydrogen Powered Cars• Hydrogen at this time seems like

the next best option for a new fuel to expand world wide.

• Hydrogen tanks will have 3x the amount of space as a regular gasoline tank.

• Although burning the hydrogen has the same effect as carbon dioxide is doesn’t have the same greenhouse effect on the Earth.

Page 5: Junkyard Project

Hydrogen Powered Cars Continued• They have done away with hydrogen powered

cars because due to the fact of large tanks.• These tanks are highly combustible.• It’s was almost like driving around with a bomb.• The tank did not take well to cold weather.• These cars have been done away with due to

the cause of so many deaths.• Year: 2023-2026

Page 6: Junkyard Project

Electric Powered


• At this time we would like to present our second option on the future of powered cars.

• You can get 125 miles for each charge on electric cars.

• Reduced pollutants by 89-90%.• You can buy extra batteries so you

don’t have to stop at a gas station you can just change the battery and have it charged.

Page 7: Junkyard Project

Electric Powered Cars Continued• Electric cars get only as fast as 68 mph top speed.• It has a low acceleration which could be unsafe

when passing on the highway.• They tend to be more expansive and to maintain.• Batteries only survive only so many recharges.• We currently ran out of alkaline so do to this

electric powered cars are done away with.• Year: 2026-2035

Page 8: Junkyard Project

Air Powered Cars

• Here is the next best thing to fuel our economy.

• Air is admission free.• Air cars are powered by compressed

air at (4500 psi carbon fiber tanks).• It’s only two dollars to fill up.• It can travel up to almost 3x as far

as gasoline cars. (Travel up to 96 mph)

Page 9: Junkyard Project

Air Powered Cars Continued

• It turned out that these cars didn’t become popular enough in the U.S. to have manufacture companies come out with fuel stations.

• Due to this factor the air cars were no more.• Year: 2035-2045

Page 10: Junkyard Project

Garbage Dispense Cars• It’s been a couple years now and I think our

economy has now built a fuel efficient, green efficient, and speed efficient car.

• It’s called are G-car.• The G-car is fuel by trash.• One banana peel will give you 25 miles of

traveling on the highway.• 1 Pound of trash = 80 mpg• 2 Pounds of trash = 160 mpg

Page 11: Junkyard Project

Garbage Dispense Cars Continued

• 3 Pounds of Trash = 240 mpg• Three pounds is the max amount of trash you

can have in your car.• The G-car has a transmitter that changes the

pollution of garbage to pure oxygen so it gives off the same effect as trees.

Page 12: Junkyard Project

Garbage Dispense Cars Continued• The G-car to this day has been working up

to par and is the most efficient thing on the road today.

So put the garbage in your car not the Earth!

Year: 2050-Unknown

Page 13: Junkyard Project

People’s Outlook•(2000-2022) Gas: People felt that gas is an efficient way to get around and it was the best thing at the time, they felt obligated to get a gas powered car because it was what everybody was driving kind of when people start new trends with clothes everyone wants to have the latest and next best thing.•(2023-2026) Hydrogen: Depending on how soft hearted someone was towards their family which usually everyone is they looked at it like self destruction because of combustible tank that was in the back presenting a small fender bender into an explosion.•(2026-2035) Electric: Though environmentally friendly people didn’t get where they were going fast enough do to low charges and slow speed output.•(2035-2045) Air: When it comes to the next best thing car manufactures thought this was it. They felt that air cars capable of traveling 3x as far as one tank of gas and reaching up to 96 mph was a good ideal product. The car had been environmentally friends too because it output was just oxygen. But the reason why these cars are extinct today is because of the popularity not increasing causing no companies to come out with fuel stations.•(2050-Unknown) Garbage: People love this car, it does everything positive for the environment and for people around the house. The G-car put out a ton of miles to the gallon fueled only on trash and that trashed is altered into oxygen. What more could you want out of a car?

Page 15: Junkyard Project

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Page 16: Junkyard Project

Picture Links Continued

• http://www.flickr.com/photos/visbeek/3163916678/

• http://www.flickr.com/photos/bitzi/414904398/

• http://www.flickr.com/photos/grundlepuck/182445397/

Page 17: Junkyard Project