Kids School Game for Kids

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Kids School Games for Kids

IntroductionIts time to go to school and there are lots of surprises waiting for you in this latest School Game for kids.

Enter the classroom clean up the board turn on the projector and start your class and learn so many helpful different educational stuffs.

Then go to the garden and learn different gardening activities.

After that you will be provided with some tasty lunch and you will have to eat it fast as there are so many activities and entertaining games that you have to play after that.

FeaturesLearn about all the planets and the star signs in the classroom.

Design the garden beautifully and also give a beautiful shape to the big bushes.

Have lot of tasty food as lunch with your friends.

Tidy your lockers and keep the all things in its proper place.

Play lot of different mini games and share it with your friends.