Latest Android Car Games for Kids

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Both Games are so Interesting and entertaining for kids...

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  • 1. Latest Android Game For Kids Wash My Car Virtual Car Builder

2. Wash My Car Latest Android Game Game Designed & Developed BY: Arth I-Soft 3. Introduction If you love cars and crazy for them..!!! Then Wash My Car is perfect kids game for you. Now you can fab experience of owning your car by giving it car wash and makeover. Here in this kids game you can choose your own design. Scrub the dirt and sticky residue from the exterior and place the rubbish in bin from interior 4. Features No in-app purchase HD Graphics to enhance the gaming Easy and effective controls tap & drag over Choose your car ready for wash Place the rubbish in bin and scrub the sticky mess off your car Download this fun and addictive kids game, get the full fledge washing car experience in your hand...!!! 5. Screenshot 6. Virtual Car Builder Free Android Game Game Designed & Developed BY: Arth I-Soft 7. Introduction Have you ever dreamed of building your own car ??? If, YES than Virtual Car Builder app is for you. With this app you can build and modify your own car from 9 different cars. Virtual Car Builder will provide you with 2 stunning phases that is Care and Modification of your car. 8. Features Dent Remover even fill oil & petrol change Headlights Change Spoilers share your creation with your friends 9. Screenshot 10. Available on