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Social Media StatisticsThe Social Media Universe is Expanding (Global)More people on more social networks than ever beforeFacebook 900 MM+ monthly active usersTwitter 230 MM+ usersLinkedIn 161 MM+ usersYouTube 800 MM+ monthly usersGoogle+ - 170 MM+ usersFoursquare 15 MM+ usersPinterest 6 MM+ usersPlatformsIndia (No. of Users In Million)Facebook45 MillionTwitter15 MillionLinkedin15 MillionYoutubeNAGoogle PlusNASocial Media Users in IndiaPlatformsGlobal (No. of Users In Million)Facebook900 MillionYoutube800 MillionTwitter230 MillionGoogle Plus170 MillionLinkedin161 MillionSocial Media Users WorldwidePlatformsIndia Page Views Per Month (Views In Million)Facebook3809 MillionYoutube1010 MillionLinkedin93.5 MillionGoogle Plus32.3 MillionTwitter12.4 MillionIndia Page Views Per Month (Views In Million)PlatformsMale (Ratio)Female (Ratio)Facebook7129Twitter6040Linkedin6634Youtube6931Google Plus6337Male: Female RatioTop 5 Indian PagesNumber of FansDove7,484,119Tata Docomo7,383,637MTV Roadies4,276,930Kingfisher3,749,024Fastrack3,701,331Top 5 Facebook Pages in IndiaTop 5 World wide PageNumber of FansFacebook66,527,204YouTube57,492,976Coca-Cola41,825,104Disney35,499,137MTV34,147,692Top 5 Facebook Pages WorldwideTop 5 Indian Twitter BrandsNo of FollowersMTV India492096NDTV457323Timesofindia341831IPL272066CNN-IBN 202464Top 5 Twitter Brands in India Top 5 World Wide Brands No of Followers YouTube12,502,054 Twitter8,856,790 CNN Breaking News6,923,605 NBA4,525,421 Google4,465,778Top 5 Twitter Brands Worldwide Top 5 Indian youtube ChannelViews Rajshri.com1,013,944,812 Eros Now820,146,455 YRF (Yash Raj Films)298,807,271 Saavn40,303,233 IPL27,680,072Top 5 YouTube Channel in IndiaTop 5 World Wide YouTube ChannelViewsUniversal Music6,911,125,452Machinima3,317,722,125Justin Bieber2,491,375,335ExpertVillage2,450,048,820Rihanna2,430,559,296Top 5 YouTube Channel WorldwideWorld WideFollowersAndroid129,623Google+104,222Gmail83,086Google79,080Google Chrome69,471Top 5 Google+ Pages WorldwideFacebookCurrently, there are 45899920 Facebook users in the India, which makes it no. 2 in the world.In June 2011, Mumbai had the highest FB user base in India with 3.7 million FB users and ranked 18th in the worldChennai currently has 1.2 million FB users showing 101.64% penetration (among internet users). So at an average, every Chennai internet user has at least 1 profile/page on FBThere are 73% male FB users and 27% female FB users in India, compared to 45% and 55% in United States and 46% and 54% in Brazil.TwitterTop 3 brands on Twitter in India : MTV India, Times of India & Vodafone India. Since 2010, Twitter users in India have increased by 191%, with more than 20,000 users having 500+ followers that read their updates daily

LinkedInIndia ranks #2 in terms of the total number of visitors onLinkedInglobally by the country, following UK at #1In IndiaLinkedInhas 10.6 million users.Mumbai leads on the professional front with 9,26,562 users while Delhi follows with 8,78,690Social Media India on professional social networking site highlights that most registered user onLinkedInare from Engineering field with 7,67,624 followed by Job function of Information Technology with 4,19,288Twitter & LinkedInG+ and PinterestGoogle PlusIndian ranks at #2 in the number of Google Plus users in July 2011 with 142,339 users.PinterestIndians are pinning! 4.8% of the Pinterest users come from India and they generate 3.9% of the page views on Pinterest.India ranks second after US.


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