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1. Salford City College Eccles Sixth Form Centre BTec Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production Games Design Unit 67 3D Animation HA12 Marionette Legal and Ethical Checklist This DECLARATION, made by the undersigned: Adam Copeland Hereafter referred to as the Creator is made this nineteenth day of June in the year Two Thousand and Fifteen. Adam has checked and agreed that the Work has been checked for decency, representation of race, gender religion and sexuality and has met an appropriate standard. AGREED TO AND ACCEPTED. Signature: Printed name: Adam Date: 19/06/2015 2. NOTES Consider the following BEFORE completing the checklist as you are providing a warranty to the developer, Slide: Check all your facts and document where possible, citing sources etc. Is it ethical (have you considered the ethical issues involved)? Does it feel right? How would you feel if you saw a review of your game reported in a newspaper, magazine or online? How would you feel about your peers, friends, family knowing about it? Is your idea compromising anyones confidentiality? How does your concept challenge issues of decency and the representation of race, gender, religion, sexuality etc? Is it legal? Do you have the right to use the media and equipment you are using to create your prototype? Does it comply with rules, policies, standards and contracts imposed by relevant regulators/bodies? Is your idea compromising anyones copyright?