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  • Technological Advances In Your World By: Mariam Mohammad
  • Thesis Question
    • How are the human eye characteristics being used in the creation of new security measures?
    McCurry, Steve (2009). Steve mccurry. Retrieved March 10, 2009, Web site:
  • Background Information
    • The eye may be seen as a small part of the overall human body, but size has nothing to do with importance. This small structure has the most identifiable characteristics, with a leading 266, where as our main source of identification, the fingerprint, has only 40. The eyes unique amount of characteristics has come to benefit the world in numerous ways.
    • Research and studies on these characteristics established the newly formed eye scan technology , otherwise known as biometrics.
    • Iris scan technology has already been utilized, within a school district, the Olympics in Japan, and even through airports.
    • The usage of this software has continued on a wide scale and according to Corinna Wu, In a couple of years, biometrics will be everywhere (Wu, 1998).
    • With this newly found technology, as a person approaches anywhere from three feet or closer to the laser, a scan of they eye occurs identifying the individual
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  • Benefits of Eye Scan Technology
    • New advancements in banking technology, replacement of PINs
    • Aid to criminal justice work giving a more precise measure of criminal identification
    • schools can regulate the entrance of persons within the premises and better recognize adults picking up their children
    • Decrease in crime rates
  • Benefits of Eye Scan Technology
    • Businesses/work can combine surveillance cameras with biometrics creating a more secure environment and a stronger security system
    • In airports, a simple eye scan, can help to remove the burden of checking in; although pricey, the concept itself works better for people who travel around very often (ABC News, 2006)
  • End Result
    • These measures are just some of many more to come. The eye helps make our world go round. Just imagine life without sight; that would be no life at all. Just as vision betters the daily experiences that we as humans undergo it will soon come to benefit other aspects and measure in our lives as well.
    • With eye scan technology a more safe environment is provided for each and every individual. Life and means of identification will also undergo changes for the benefit of our societies. The dispersing of iris scan technology crime rates will decrease, fraud can be prevented, our children will be safer in school, traveling will be easier, and all helping to conform this world into a better place one step at a time. With biometrics, objectives taken forth can only progress in a positive manner.