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Diapositive 1

Life onlineBy Simisola, Tracy and Difya

DocumentaryDocumentary is a broad category of moving images intended to a document and some aspects of reality

Documentary online 1I personally like this documentary, because it give me an idea on how to introduce my documentary on social networking.I also like that sounds because this give me an idea on how the sound is, that the sound should be an exciting one.

Our Main Idea How does the internet creates anti-social way into the society

In this idea we are going to talk about 2 main things

How the media has shown ways of anti-social way in terms of good and bad

What do people learn whilst social networking

Is there really life online

Its a catchy title A rhetorical question, gets the audience thinking Highlights the whole series and hints what it could be about?! Question or Statement YOU DECIDE

The lights are always on There are many people from different parts of London and else where There are many people with different upbringings and social background Theres a big age range People are not likely to rush as much compared to Oxford Street LOCATION

Problem of our locationThe problem of filming in Westfield is customer might be in the way while filming in the sense of weaving at toward the camera.

How the media has shown anti social ways into the in terms of good and bad.

Good aspectThe good aspect of the internet being antisocial, it creates entertainment and also learn new skills. For an example. Having to type with one hand rather than two. It is an easy access help in communicating with family and friends. Bad aspect of the internet isIn some sites, there are inappropriate things on the site, which influence teenagers. Examples are violent games or films that are seen as a source for entertainment.

sound ht tp://

GENDER:Mixed AGE:12 - 19ETHNICITY:Any race INTERESTS:- Social Networking - That like communicating with people very often - Loads of friends - Easily distracted by social networking sites - That spend over 7 hours a week on facebook, skype etc TARGET AUDIENCE

InterviewShe said social networking enables her to improve my typing skills and its create source of communication and also a way of entertainmentOn the other hand, I interview said it is an easy source of communication to friend s and family but I don't learn any thing for it, and it also is a sign of distraction because if you want to do your home work, you cant really do it due to the social site.


Education Everything being more internet based How we rely on internet resources Entertainment To extent can our entertainment go to How do we view entertainment now than 30 years ago Online Banking How business are growing in the way they diverseOnline Shopping How it has helped us Why is it so effective in society today Social Networking How does this impact our lives How has it affected society today What are the risks of this in society Advantages and Disadvantages

5 minuteIntroduction on has the technology changedAn established shots of the location with a fast forward of the people. a mid-shots of the presenter introducing the documentary on social networking and explaining the subtitles under social networking2- 5 minutes A background sound.Close-up and mid shots of introducing the target audience and the name written beside them education Side shots and a close-up on the audience.Voice over introducing the education in general and what impact it has created to us.Use sound and visual of education site for example.Entertainment Long shots of visuals and a voice over on kind of entertainment/Long shot of the audience being ask questions and would related on how the get entertained.Break . A long shot of the presenter Telling the audience what will be the next topic CommercialismClose up of stores or business.2shots and on the audience, which we will be asking them how they advertise their business for customers .

1st Minute 0 10 secondsPRESENTER Introducing themselves MUSIC No Music CAMERAMid Shot of the presenter from the front and from the side

10 50 secondsINTRODUCTION7-10 seconds worth of previews per episodes from future episodes- Education- Entertainment- Commercialism - Online Banking- Online Shopping MUSIC Up-tempo (Loud for the first 3 seconds then decreases whilst the VO starts)PRESENTER Introducing the show as a whole DESCRIPTION When the presenter asks Is our Life really Online?! the music stops VOand the title appears

50 60 secondsPRESENTER The presenter talks about this episode (Social Networking)

2nd Minute 0 20 secondsPRESENTER The presenter still talking about the episode and the target audience (VO) CAMERA Establishing shot/Panning Shot of Westfield and Zooming in into our target audience (slowly fast-forwarding)MUSICThe same uplifting beat slowly ascending whilst the presenter finishes their sentence

20 60 secondsPRESENTERAsking the target audience some general questions (informal interviews)CAMERAReverse Shot, Close Up, Mid Shot, Long Shot MUSICRapidly drops when presenter talks to the audienceDESCRIPTIONFilm 5-6 sets of people but interview 20 3rd Minute 0 20 secondsPRESENTER The result of the audiences views (VO) CAMERA A long shot of the result from our research MUSICThe same uplifting beat going on really quietly in the background

20 40 secondsPRESENTERFacts about Social Networking Sites In newspaper and internet (VO)CAMERAClose-up of highlighted phrases and quotes, Slide transition exiting different directionsMUSICThe same up lifting beat going on really quietly in the background

40 60 secondsPRESENTERPresents Oyinka and introduces her life within social networking CAMERAMid shot of presenter MUSICNo music

4th Minute 0 60 secondsPRESENTER Conversation with Oyinka CAMERA Reverse Shot, Mid Shot, Close Up, 2 shotMUSICNo music5th Minute 0 15 secondsPRESENTER Conversation still continuing (VO) CAMERA Close up, Extreme close up MUSICNo musicDESCRIPTION A key moment that we can show interactively by zooming into the computer

15 40 secondsPRESENTERTalks about her thoughts after listening to Oyinka and her advice and whats happening next weekCAMERAMid Shot of Presenter from different angles MUSICThe same up lifting beat going on really quietly in the background gradually getting louder

40 60 secondsCAMERAVideos of the best bits of next weeks episodeMUSICMusic

Font Life onlineLife onlineLife onlineLife online Life onlineLife online

Props needed This is for the question s we are going to ask the audience

Reference Sound Fonts : Westfield picture : Props :