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2. Original ImageThis is the originalimage which shows thelight paint clear andviewable. I will beediting this image tocreate a whole newimage usingPhotoshop. 3. To start of the edit Iwent on to Image,Adjustments andthen ColourBalance. As youcan see by the printscreen of what I did,I have moved allthree bars eitherhigher or lower andthis has created amore pink effectover the picture andmad the light paintgo brighter.Step 1 4. Step 2In step 2 I did thesame as the first step Idid by going intoImage and thenAdjustments again, butinstead of going ontoColour Balance, Iclicked onHue/Saturation. Bymoving the Hue andSaturation further up, Ihave created a morebold and brighterimage which standsout more. Keeping theLightness the samehas enable to keepthis bright, bold 5. Step 3For step 3, looking at the image, I thought personally it was too bright so I thenwhen to Image, Adjustments and went on Brightness/Contrast. By moving theContrast up a little and the Brightness down, I have still kept this bold, bright imagewhich didnt seem to hard on the eyes. 6. Step 4To create this final image, tosomething I enjoy looking atand think is rather different, Iused the RectangularMarquee Tool to select thewhole image and copied andpasted to a new layer. On thenew layer on the image, Ithen again used theRectangular Marquee Tool toselect half of the image whichhad the most going on withthe lights to create the LightPaint. I then by going toImage and then Crop which Ithen flipped and placed ontop of the first layer. Using theopacity, I made it go to 50%to give a nice blending effect. 7. Final ImageThis is the finalimage which hasbeen edited from theoriginal. I think itlooks colourful eventhough thebrightness andcontrast isnt upcompletely. 8. Original Image 9. Step 1For the first thing I didto edit the image wasto go to brightnessand contrast and seeif I could make it alittle lighter and see ifI could make thecolours a bit morevibrant to stand out asI thought it might lookbetter. 10. Step 2I then went on theHue and Saturation tochange the colours ofthe lights which I havebeen focusing on withthe brightness. 11. Step 3For step 3, looking atthe image, I wanted tomake the light paintcolours to stand outmore so I went to,Image, Adjustmentsand went onBrightness/Contrast. Bymoving the Contrast upa little and theBrightness down, Ihave made the coloursvibrant. 12. Step 4For step 4, I havechanged the Exposure,Gamma Correction butkept the Offset thesame to make thecolours stand out moreand have to tried tomake the backgroundthat little bit darker andfaint to help the coloursstand out more. 13. Step 5For step 5, I croppedthe image so it wasjust the shadow andthe light paint in themiddle of the imagewhich would draw theeyes to it and able tosee a vibrant coloursimage. 14. Step 6For step 6, I justadded a simple LensCorrection to helpdarken the edgesaround the image. 15. Final Image