Linkable assets a hidden weapon to rule online

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It's all about Linkable assets..

Text of Linkable assets a hidden weapon to rule online

  • 1. Linkable Assets - A Hidden Weapon To Rule Online A comprehensive guide to building linkable assets Twitter Hash tag for Todays webinar : #blwebinar
  • 2. Hosted By Monish Vora Search Marketing Expert Hiren vaghela Sr. SEO Adviser
  • 3. What are linkable assets Advantages of linkable assets Types of Linkable Assets What makes each linkable asset successful Examples of each linkable assets Advantages from SEO's point Q & A Today's Agenda
  • 4. 4 What are linkable assets?
  • 5. Is it only link building??? Online marketers have only one goal Build as many links as possible But they are wrong!!
  • 6. Does any of the following stand true for you? In search of quality links from high authoritative sites Looking for high-intent traffic for eternity? Looking to increase your social mentions and shares? Looking to develop something that continues to bring traffic throughout it's life?
  • 7. In simple terms.... A linkable asset is something worth linking to Something people would love to share
  • 8. Advantages of linkable assets Usefulness : It is a thought provoking, interest generating resource Interactivity : Give your visitor something to do Triggers the emotions : It arouses positive emotions Relevancy : Readers are able to relate to your assets
  • 9. Types of Linkable Assets The most prominent 5: Awards How To Guides Tools and Apps Videos Infographics
  • 10. Awards
  • 11. Awards Provide embeddable widgets Get Press Mentions Reach out to content curators Leverage social sharing to nominees, members and/or winners
  • 12. What makes Awards successful? The publicity it creates, helps in getting more links The promotions, mentions, the awards, the badges, all goes out with a link.
  • 13. Example of successful online Awards event?
  • 14. How-to-Guides
  • 15. How-to-Guides Always appeals to the audience Select topics not discussed more often Simplify by breaking the topic in smaller steps Test your tutorial with someone you know before putting it live
  • 16. What makes How-to-Guides successful? It shows people how much you care Also helps in getting links from .edu sites If found helpful, it could be recommended as a reliable source of learning by a number of sites
  • 17. The mother of all how-to-guides
  • 18. Tools and Apps
  • 19. News related to tool updates is worthy Helpful in getting links from bloggers Also helpful in gaining links from list pages Guest Blogging for advanced tutorials on using your tools Tools and Apps
  • 20. What makes Tools and Apps successful? A helpful tool will fetch a number of mentions Advanced tutorials for using the tools and apps will prove to be useful and fetch substantial links
  • 21. One of the most prominent tools for SEO's
  • 22. Videos
  • 23. Videos rock to engage visitors If shared on the right platforms,could go viral easily Host videos yourself on professional platforms Choose a platform like Youtube or Vimeo which has a larger audience Videos
  • 24. What makes Videos successful? If useful and distributed on sites like Vimeo and Youtube, it will get a lot of exposure They are easily embeddable Right use of keywords will make it rank well in YouTube and Google
  • 25. Example of a successful video
  • 26. Infographics
  • 27. Infographics Give information through graphics and pitch the story Offer embed codes Feature them on your guest posts Promote heavily through social media
  • 28. They are a visual treat They make complex information simple They could be easily embedded code They could go with relevant posts and other articles hat makes Infographics successful?
  • 29. An Infographic we developed
  • 30. Advantages from SEO's point If done right, linkable assets could yield: Quality links from authoritative sources High-intent traffic Social mentions and shares A continual traffic stream throughout the life of the linkable asset Qualified leads and more...
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