Linuxcon 2011 Crash Course in Open Source Cloud Computing

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Presentation on the tools needed to deploy and manage IaaS or compute clouds using free and open source software. Changelog: Added Open Source PaaS Automated Toolchains Diagram Open Cloud Initiative (OCI) Additional Resources


  • 1.Crash Course in Open Source Cloud Computing
    LinuxCon 2011 Vancouver, BC
    Mark R. Hinkle
    Director, Cloud Computing Community
    Citrix Systems Inc.
    Twitter: @mrhinkle

2. Agenda
Quick Cloud Computing Overview
Open Source Building Blocks for Cloud Computing
Open Source Tools for Cloud Management
3. %whoami

  • Responsible for Driving Adoption of CloudStack Open Source Cloud Computing Software

4. Joined Citrix via acquisition July 2011 5. Former manager of Zenoss Open Source project 100,000 users, 1.5 million downloads 6. Former Linux Desktop Advocate (Zealot?) 7. Former LinuxWorld Magazine Editor-in-Chief 8. Open Management Consortium organizer 9. Author - Windows to Linux Business Desktop Migration Thomson 10. NetDirectorProject - Open Source Configuration Management Project 11. Sometimes Author and Blogger at