Make New Friends But Keep the Old

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  • 1. Summer Webinar Series | Webinar 2 | July 21 Make New Friends But Keep the OldHow to Recycle Your Leads Effectively to Ensure Theyre Not Wasted.

2. About HOW TO SeriesLead Generation Techniques to drive more qualified leadsthat YOUR sales will be excited to act on. Focus on How to Get Out of the Status Quo of:Only 20% of your Only 16% of your Losing 80% of yourleads being followed total leads deemed bad leadstoup onsales-ready, actuallycompetitors closingwithin 24 month ** Sources: Sirius Decisions; Aberdeen Group 3. About Your SponsorsHelps organizations of all Provider of one of industryssizes find the best tools to fit most popular and fastesttheir needsgrowing cloud-based integrated marketing platforms 4. Last Week:So Why Should I Call this Guy? Getting Critical Lead Data to Sales Behavioral Lead Profile Lead Scoring and Alerts Changing Why to: Wow, Cant Wait to CallSession Materials Now Available! 5. This Week:Make New Friends but Keep the Old 6. Session Agenda:Make New Friends, Keep the OldThe Problem The Opportunity Tools To Get You There 7. The Problem: Focus on Top of the FunnelMarketing PerspectiveSales Perspective Generating plenty of leads Poor; unqualified leads Leads cherry-picked Just throwing leads over fence Sales job to convert leads Slamming pipeline Sales job to up-sell; cross-sell Not supporting ongoing efforts 8. What Ends Up HappeningMarketing MOSales MO Focus on more leads Reaches out few times Leads grow stale Shifts to low-hanging fruit Campaign planning not aligned Go rogueResults: Wasted CyclesWasted LeadsWasted $$! 9. The Opportunity:Cultivate Leads Based on Behaviors 10. The Opportunity:Nurture Leads into Opportunities Recycle leads based onprospect buying signals Educate and Validate valuepropositions, differentiatorsand success stories Deliver (or re-deliver) leadsto sales when ready Better Return on campaigninvestments 11. Nurture Dos & DontsDont Alienate Sales Team Agree on definition of HOT lead Opt-in and out capabilities Email persona in sales voice Activity visible in CRM toolDont Alienate Prospects Email 6-9 days; 1-3 days is spam Give easily digestible CTAs Focus value-add; minimal graphics Automated exit on converting 12. Nurture Dos & DontsVary the Voice Different perspectives CEO, VPSelective Communications Only send relevant top-of-funnelcampaignsDifferent Content Tracks Based on behaviors; targetaudience 13. Nurture Dos & DontsGive NurturingFighting Chance Set-up based on your process Monitor performance;easily adapt Momentum indicators scoring, alerts 14. And Lets Not ForgetYour Customers! Automate communications Keep informed and connected Email relevant news Align with sales goals Multiple forums to becomeAdvocates 15. The Tools to Make it HappenMust Haves: Behavioral and attribute segmentation Flexible drip programs Lead scoring One platform to manage/track channels Tight CRM integration Sales view of profile behaviorTime to See The Tools And How They Can Help Cultivate Your LeadsIntroducing Wendi! 16. The Opportunity:Stop Waste and Start Recycling Align sales and marketing Meet entire pipeline needs Buyer ready indicators Meaningful lead experience Campaign $$ work harder 17. The Tools to Make it Happen: Act-On Marketing PlatformWorld Class E-Mail Complete Set of Tools Approach and TermsMarketing Core and on One Platform that WorkDeliverability Drip, Web Analytics, Start Simple, Automate 3rd Generation Email Landing Pages, Forms, at Own Pace Scoring, CRM Integration, No Extra Cost forSocial Media, Reporting Affordable Pricing; Month-Deliverability and More to-Month Contracts Focus Usability, Simplicity Live Customer Support and Manageability At No Additional Costs 18. Next Steps: Tremendous OpportunityDont Forget About Your Old Leads!Turn Wasted Leads and Campaign $$ into New Opportunities and Better ROI!Next StepsTodays How To Guide plus: July 28 Session:Theres a Party Going On, Youre Not There August 4 Session:Why Spray & Pray Isnt Cutting it Anymore July 14 Session:Why Should I Call This Guy? Materials Available!Learn More About Act-OnJoin Weekly Demo: www.actonsoftware.comRequest 1x1 Demo: or (877) 530.1555