Making the move from IaaS to IaaS+ (Why DBaaS Matters!)

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The cloud market has evolved to the point where its no longer enough to just offer virtual machines by the hour. Developers are demanding more, and the largest clouds in the world are providing it. Users expect services like Database-as-a-Service, Cache-as-a-Service and Queue-as-a-Service. These types of services are now the new bar for cloud operators, and represent a shift from basic IaaS to IaaS+. In this talk, we discussed the increasing pace of innovation around higher value services in the public cloud market, and how this impacts your cloud (be it public or private). Why is DBaaS to important? There are lots of reasons, but the ones I focus on are: 1) Abstracts away the complexity of configuring, scaling and maintaining databases. 2) It reduces risk through automation. 3) It provides a center of data gravity to help increase consumption of related services. 4) Private DBaaS can be used from outside the cloud environment, just as easily as from within.


  • 1. Making the Move from IaaS to IaaS+ Chip Childers VP Product Strategy for CumuLogic @chipchilders |

2. IaaS+ Acronym 1) a combination of IaaS with additional application layer modular services in a cohesive service offering 2) IaaS + all the other stuff that developers want 3. Huh? Lets take a real example: AWS IaaS(EC2, S3) + RDS + Dynamo + SQS = IaaS+ 4. Which AWS service had the fastest adoption for a new service after 5 months? Source: DynamoDB 5. Is the AWS success because of EC2? 6. Cloud and hosting spending by application type Source: 7. So why do developers care? Modularity Architectural choice! Abstraction Who actually wants to configure database backups themselves? Shiny tech Yep, because devs like shiny objects. 8. Lets focus on Database as a Service 85% of CumuLogic customers start with DBaaS when moving to IaaS+ 9. 451 Research estimated that DBaaS services based on MySQL will grow at a CAGR of 81% from 2012 to 2016 Source: 10. 451 Research estimated that DBaaS services based on MySQL will grow at a CAGR of 81% from 2012 to 2016 Source: But this doesnt account for private cloud environments 11. For what? Source: 12. So what does this mean to you? 13. Service Providers: Its the new bar that clouds are measured on If you do it, it increases IaaS consumption If you dont do it, you might finding a shrinking addressable market 14. Enterprise Private Clouds: Solves: I have a shiny private cloud why arent the LOB devs using it? Automates 75-90% of manual operational tasks for services offered in the as a service model You get architectural choice, including the potential for AWS repatriation 15. Fair warning direct product pitch ahead! 16. CloudStack Collaboration Conference SPECIAL Private Database-as-a-Service 30 day Fully Supported On-Prem Pilot Standard Fee: $20,000 / Conference Participants: $5,000 Promo valid until April 30th, 2014 / POC must start by July 15th, 2014 Pretzel & beer NOT included Sign up: