Marketing and Monetizing Mobile Apps 2009

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Presentation on Marketing and Monetizing Mobile Apps. Focusses on opportunities offered by the iPhone and Android Platforms and contains detailed sales stats for iPhone platform.Presentation given at "Beyond Mobile 2.0", Manchester, UK, 24th February 2009 - a Northern Startup 2.0 event, UK.By Katie Lips, Mobile Apps Strategist at


<ul><li>1.Marketing and Monetizing Mobile Applications. Katie Lips. </li></ul> <p>2. Appostles. iPhone and Android Specialists. Agency with growing team of experts. Hiring! Strategy. Concept. Design. Build. Marketing. Partners with agencies. Works for brands. Liverpool. London. Amsterdam. 3. Why are we here? 4. Oldskool Mobile. 5. While the mobile data industry holds considerable promise in future, the existing ecosystem is challenging for the grassroots entrepreneur. - Ajit Jaokar, Open Gardens. 6. 1.0 Landscape. Complex Development &amp; Testing Poor End User Experiences Bureaucratic Walled Garden Mentality Low Financial Incentive A Stagnated Industry Little Incentive to Innovate or Take Risks 7. Mobile 2.0? Its all about Platforms iPhone Android Blackberry ... and others 8. Ecosystem iPhone &amp;iPod TouchDevelopers &amp;CustomersApp Store 9. iPhone Focus. 10. iPhone Sales by QuarterQ3 07Q4 07 Q1 08Q2 08 Q3 08Q4 08 Q1-09Units sold270,000 1,119,000 2,315,000 1,703,000 717,000 6,892,000 4,363,000 in Quarter 11. Cumulative iPhone Sales 20,000,00015,000,000 10,000,000 5,000,000 Q3 07 Q4 07 0 Q1 08 Q2 08 Q3 08 Q4 08 Q1 09 12. Handset OS Market Share Operating SystemShareSymbian44% iPhone (and iPod Touch) 32%RIM (Blackberry)9%Windows Mobile8%Palm4% Other3% Source: AdMob - using AdmobAnalysed Apps 13. Snapshot Feb 09 17 Million iPhones in 80 countries 32% Worldwide Smartphone market share Apple #3 Mobile Phone manufacturer 20,000 Apps / 2.2 million downloads each day 500 million apps downloaded (half a billion!) 14. App Store 15. The Opportunity? Investors - speculate (KPCBs iFund) Enterprise - mobile workforce Brands - your brand in 17m pockets Web Services - extend reach via mobile Mobile Services - The App business Disposable Apps - apps as accessories Games Developers - a new platform 16. Example Apps Investors - Loopt Enterprise - Brands - Carlings iPint, Audi, Web Services - Facebook, Remember the Milk Mobile Services - Urban Spoon, Flirtomatic Disposables - iFart, Sonic Lighter, Ocarina Games - Rolando from ng:moco 17. Marketing your App 18. What we learnt...Coffee Buzz 19. App Store Catch 22 Ratings are based on volume and revenue. You need to sell a lot to get in the featured / top 25 list. You need to be in the featured / top 25 list of youre to sell lots of copies! 20. Hard Facts! You need to market / advertise / promote your app however you can. Apps with great reviews from happy customers can still be at the bottom of the list. Theres a lot of bad apps in the App Store. Being at the bottom of the list is bad! 21. Tactics! Use launch momentum (youll be new). Do what you can to build that momentum. Get early good reviews. Maximize off App Store PR (web, social networks, ads). Pay to grow volume (via AdMob ads or similar in other apps for example). 22. Insider Advice: Ads Once youve sustained being in the top 25 for a while, it becomes organic. If you spent $5000 getting there, you should be able to make it back by including ads in your app! (...Says an Ad Network Rep!) 23. Insider Advice: Price Start high. You can always drop the price. Time limited price drops rebuild volume and listings position. If you were selling at 2.39, selling at 59p (a quarter) wil increase sales by more than four fold. 24. Cheaper = MoreVolume = HigherRanking = More Sales = More Profit 25. However this theory has lead todownward pricingpressure. Which we dont like! 26. ModelsPaid App Low price Mid priceAd supported Freeplus a Lite e.g. Tier 1 e.g. Tier 4Free App version59p2.39 ++ +++- --VolumeReward if--+++++ +++ ++your app stays in top 25Reward if-- -- -- ---- your app getslost 27. Strategies for Marketing your Apps 28. PR App Store is not a marketing magic wand Reviews, your App Store page, and even icon are important Blogs, App Listings, and review sites are very useful Get Social Media Savvy (tell your friends, and their friends) Resort to traditional PR! 29. Easy Advertising On Blogs, App Listings, and review sites Via Google AdWords Ads &amp; Facebook Ads Within other related social networks, and yes, iPhone owners seem to like Twitter! In trade press (e.g. Coffee related magazines) Plus........ 30. Pro Advertising AdMob - Ads and Analytics MobClix - Ads and Analytics Pinch Media - Ads and Analytics PurpleTalk - (Ad Sharing) Chillingo - Print Ads Partnerships 31. If youre serious about your App as a Business you need arobust strategy! </p>