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  • 1. Export Control Regulation on Analysts Notebook that it can only be available to businesses, government agencies and academic institutions operating within the USA and Russia.The Matrix Mapper is intended to provide a strong, viable, dependable and effective alternative to the Analysts Notebook and to excel the Sentinel Visualizer. Therefore, for clarity in concept & visualization, above image of Analysts Notebook has been used.

2. Flight Operations AnalyticsAir IndiaPilot NameJet liteFlight No.Flying ExperienceKingfisher Flight Name Airbus IlyushinChief Pilot International Flight TypeAircraft Types Technical Snag History Boeing McDonnell DouglasDomestic WeatherFlight Flight Source Destination StormyDistance Equipments List & StatusNext Nearest AirfieldPrevious Accident Sunny Reports & SOPsRainyATCList HydraulicsWorkingFuel (Full) Emergency LandingStatusIf hydraulics not working then do this.WorkingLanding GearWorkingEngineNot WorkingIf fuel tank is empty then do this. If landing gear is not working then do this.If front engine is not working then do this. 3. Customer Complaints & Feedback Analytics 4. The Matrix Mapper Solution The Matrix Mapper is a dream product which can be effectively used to address airline and air travel concerns. It does this by analyzing thousands of text, video, audio and graphic data inputs to render the data bulk into identifiable clusters and then subjecting those clusters to intelligent semantics and analytics for correlation of issues, factors, events and observations to render logical conclusions and prognosis to deliver versatile problem solving capabilities. Examples would include: 1. Flight delays 2. Technical Snags 3. Crew Behavior & Issues 4. Flyer complaints (bracketed variously into, say, frequent, economy and business class fliers) 5. Customer preferences 6. Airport Data 7. Straying from routes on Jeppeson Chart 8. Threats and AdvisoriesThe Matrix Mapper would not only graphically provide the connections between apparently diverse persons, issues, occurrences, hitches etc. but would also facilitate decision making in real time and critical situations, something so vital to the aviation industry. 5. Audio Intercept Cell/ Landline/ SDRContacts & Contacts of ContactsContact Methods GIS Locational, Positional and Territorial Info. vis--vis ContactsText/ AlphanumericAudio/ Video/ ImagesImagery Correlation with Visual, Situational IdentificationNature as well as Intensity of Inter-relationshipsPrediction 6. The Matrix Mapper (MM) would consume the data (structured, semi-structured and unstructured data) gathered from disparate sources, such as: Flight & taxi booking through internet or travel agent. Mode of check-in confirmation. Boarding pass, embarkation/ disembarkation card for passengers taking international flights. Hospitality, services, seat preference etc. Telephonic enquiries. CCTV footage during Airport security checks, ATMs, food and shopping stalls, etc. 7. The Matrix Mapper (MM) would provide hundreds of icons each signifying an entity, place or event such as persons, airplanes, airline reservation via internet booking or travel agent, tickets, boarding pass, seats, computer, landline, mobile phone, emails, food preferences, ATMs, etc. It allows intelligent data population and knowledge discovery on the reams of data during monitoring and provides inter-connection and relationship among the icons.The Matrix Mapper not only provides the graphical representation of the linkages among the matching entity, place and events, forming a consolidated network but also capable of throwing the actionable and predictive results. 8. THANK YOU Visit us at: ( )