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The Matrix Mapper (MM) - This is a product for which the Aarktech - KBCRF consortium is looking for any of several options to develop the product that would mirror the capabilities of the Analysts' Notebook (AN), an application created by i2, an IBM subsidiary, which cannot be sold anywhere outside the US and Russia and is subject to stringent US Export Control (EC) regulations. The AN is the most sought after (but not readily available) tool, worldwide, by global businesses as also the crime fighting, counter terrorist, counter insurgency and financial intelligence agencies of numerous countries. It has the capability to integrate mountains of text, video, audio, graphic and image data and to employ Big Data Analytics, Semantics, Social Network Analysis (SNA) and Knowledge Discovery methods to delineate the existence, incidence, pattern and correlation of linkages in order to throw up actionable and predictive results. The tsunami of data being generated globally threatens to submerge and seriously impair the interests of government agencies as well businesses worldwide unless powerful tools are available to intelligently comprehend diverse data types like alpha-numeric, voice, video and graphic; analyse these tidal waves of data; decipher patterns as well as connections and arrive at inferences and conclusions that provide a firm basis for next steps be they brick and mortar or in cyber space. Matrix Mapper would serve as the ultimate tool for very large scale, cross platform, data collation, mining, comprehension, analysis, networking/ pattern identification and prediction/ direction determination using knowledge discovery methods. The Matrix Mapper would, thus, prove indispensable to businesses in sectors as diverse as mining, oil & gas, power (generation & distribution), airlines, land and water transport, shipping, chain stores, agriculture/ food distribution, warehousing, courier concerns, accounting, banking and insurance. Government agencies/ departments which would find Matrix Mapper to be a kind of force multiplier include the defence forces, police, forest conservation, counter terrorism units, municipalities, railways and a variety of Public Sector Undertakings.

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  • 1. Project Matrix Mapper
  • 2. Intelligent data gathering and dissemination. Managing huge amount of unstructured data. Easy data mining and structured analysis. Centralized database. Instant report generation. Efficient decision making. Pictorial depiction and pattern generation for better assimilation as also intelligent assessment, inference and extrapolation.
  • 3. The Matrix Mapper is intended to provide a strong, viable, dependable and effective alternative to the Analysts Notebook and to excel the Sentinel Visualizer. Therefore, for clarity in concept & visualization, some images of Analysts Notebook have been used.
  • 4. Manufacturer i2 IBM Export Control Regulation - Only available to businesses, government agencies and academic institutions operating within the USA and Russia
  • 6. ANALYSTS NOTEBOOK SENTINEL VISUALIZER It is a visual intelligence analysis environment that enables to quickly collate, analyze and visualize data from disparate sources. Is a Windows based application written in Visual Studio .NET supporting an MSDE/SQL Server database. It can connect to a shared server in the office or run on your local database when you are in the field. It centralizes data from multiple sources. Supports an unlimited number of databases. The platform provides a flexible data-centric model optimized for multidimensional data analysis, which is a key requirement for collaborative working environments. Increased understanding of the structure, hierarchy, and method of operation of criminal, terrorist and fraudulent networks. Data visualization in 2D. Data visualization capabilities including 2D and 3D link charts and stereoscopic graphs. Social Network Analysis (SNA) and quantitative analysis techniques that combine organization theories with mathematical models to help better understand and target the dynamics of groups, networks, and organizations. Built-in Social Network Analysis and Advanced Network Analysis.
  • 7. ANALYSTS NOTEBOOK SENTINEL VISUALIZER Searching unstructured data using powerful search capabilities to cast the net wide and deep to ensure that no data is missed in supporting investigative and operational activities. Name disambiguation through aliases and fuzzy searching. It requires you to install a hardware dongle in order to start the program. No hardware dongle required. Entities in Analyst's Notebook are shown with a builtin graphic by type (e.g. people). Each entity in Sentinel Visualizer can have its own picture that is displayed directly on your link chart to let you better understand your data. In Analyst's Notebook, every relationship and line is the same. However the intensity and incidence of relationships is clearly delineated. Different types of links should be weighted differently (e.g. a brother relationship is very different from two people who attended a meeting). This is, however, not possible in very complex cases with multiple nodes. Timelines are integral to the defining of incidence and relationships. Sentinel Visualizer does Temporal Analysis. If your relationships have information with start and/or end times, they can be automatically plotted on a timeline. This lets you quickly see when events occur and for how long.
  • 8. Timeline analysis depicts events as they unfold over time, allowing to understand cause and effect, identify patterns, and decide upon appropriate courses of action. Entities can be tracked over time, to identify their associations with an event or incident. Transaction pattern analysis enables display of a series of transactions in chronological order. This helps to reveal repetitions in patterns of activity and can help to predict future behavior. Based on its huge data base, Analysts Notebook has the capability to predict the next event (Probability): Locations Persons involved Time Date
  • 10. 1. SemantiCS KBCRF has tremendous exposure and core competency in the field of Semantics. Intellectual Property in Computational tools and resources for Indian Languages, like Spell Checker, Morph Analyser, Wordnet, Dictionaries, POS taggers, Parallel Corpora, etc. Text Analytics Platform - is a multilingual semantic analysis platform which can take any unstructured data (web data, social network data, blogs etc) as input and analyse and bring it to a structured database for further analysis. 2. Big Data Analytics KBCRF has proven capability to work with Big-Data and Text Analytics. MMs requirement for vast data gathering and complex event processing mandates a platform that can handle Big Data. Activity Analysis and Fraud Analytics product lines include a Big Data Platform based on Hadoop that includes workflow, traditional relational databases as well as non-relational (NOSQL) databases. Information Extraction System extracts information from unstructured text from various domains for information pertinent to the user which can be defined according to the user requirement.
  • 11. 3. Knowledge Discovery A product like MM depends critically on large scale acquisition of data from multiple sources: Internal and external sources, open sources and social media. Sources could be structured (credit card transactions, hotel occupancy records etc) and unstructured (textual case narratives, open sources from the internet etc). The media may range from audio and video to images and text. SmartConnector Technology accomplishes some of these tasks like crawlers, data base connectors, screen scrapping utilities which are some of the technologies that need to be deployed. Similarity Analyser semantically clusters documents according to the various relationships that a given document has with other documents. Indian Language Search Engines. Translingual Information Accessor for classified advertisements.
  • 12. 4. Powerful Visualisation Efficient in technologies ranging from Flex to HTML5 and have developed User Interfaces for different form factors from traditional web browsers to mobile devices such as smart phones (Android, IOS etc) and tablets. Relationships with leading design firms based in USA to bring in expertise and knowhow when required. 5. SNA Named Entity and Event Resolution System is a hybrid system which works for identifying 106 entity types with nested tags and has been tested with different types of language data. Entity Relation Identification System is a statistical system which identifies relation between two entities and the sentiments related to it. 6. User definitions Aarktech has immense experience of and exposure to : Designing and defining the architecture of Matrix Mapper on the lines of Analyst Notebook. Domain knowledge and industry specific standards.
  • 14. The Matrix Mapper is meant to establish the interrelationships among hundreds of different people and things that connect persons with persons via communication devices (mobile, landline, satellite, PTT/ SD Radios), credit/ debit cards, banking/ insurance transactions, email, clouds, rail/ road/ plane/ ship/ private transport, addresses, locations, times, geo-spatial linkages, imagery, GIS and numerous other means.
  • 15. Analysts Notebook Image Regardless of the language and platform in which data is available, the MM would be able to perform cross platform analytics and convert very large volumes of data into graphics and deploy semantic strengths for knowledge discovery leading to historical and predictive matrices.
  • 16. 1. Images,