Methods Digital Away Day at Guildford - Cloud Computing

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  • 1. Methods Digital Away Day Technical Stuff & Whatnot

2. Distributed Systems Clustering Virtualization 3. Network as a cloud Network is the Computer (SUN Moto) TCP/IP abstraction (1st cloud) www data abstraction (2nd cloud) Virtualization (3rd cloud) Virtualization done right with webservices 4. Leverages Virtualization Multi-Tenancy Massive Scale Autonomous Computing Distributed Environment Security Technologies Service Oriented 5. 101 On-demand self-service Ubiquitous network access Location independent resource pooling Rapid elasticity Measured service Pay as you go Abstract resources 6. Network Compute Storage Database App Services Content Delivery Deployment Network - Route S3 (DNS) - Virtual Private Cloud - Direct Connect Compute - EC2 (Xen) - MapReduce (Hadoop) Content Delivery - CloudFront Storage - S3 (Non Persistence Storage) - Glacier (LT Backups) - EBS (Persistence Elastic Block) - Storage Gateway (Appliance) - Import/Export Database - Dynamo (NoSQL) - Elastic Cache (MemCache+Redis) - RDS (MySQL, Informix, Oracle, SQL, PostgreSQL) - RedShift (Big Data) - SimpleDB - Data Pipeline - Kinesis (Big Data in realtime) Management Management -IAM (Identity & Access Mgmt - Cloudwatch (Monitoring) - Console (For all services) Deployment - CloudFormation (Provisiioning) - Elastic Beanstalk (Containers) - OpsWorks (Chef) App Services - CloudSearch - DevPay (Payments) - ETS (Transcoder) - FPS (Flexible Payments) - SES (Email Service) - SQS (Queue Service) - SNS (Notification Service) - SWF (Workflow Service) Partner 7. Utility Commodity Auto Scaling Self Managed Cheap Big Data