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Mobile Apps for Restaurant

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Here is our interesting mobile apps for restaurant. Our app is useful for the end-users as well as for the business owners. It helps the business owners to generate more revenue. The end-users can reserve the tables in the resort as well as they can filter the resorts on the basis of the star level, pricing and so on. To know more about our app please visit

Text of Mobile Apps for Restaurant

  • 1. NDOT TECHNOLOGIESMobile Apps for Restaurant
  • 2. Introduction Todays Smartphone Usage Smartphones have surpassed TV in terms of entertainment needs. Currently, 30% of the consumers spend their entertainment or media time on Smartphones when compared to the 24 % on TV. Forty percent of the consumers use their smartphone while watching TV. 3/4 of the Smartphone users conduct their mcommerce activities on Smartphone ie 75%. Statistics show that it could increase by next year. Majority of Smartphone users feel that mobile advertising has introduced something new to them.
  • 3. Business Using Smartphones Popularity of Smartphone doesnt end at games and entertainment. Its significance can be thoroughly used in Business. Business professionals always use their Smartphone for their day to day needs. So mobile application is an excellent means to monitor online transaction.Various business notifications can be sent via mobile application technology in the form of text messages, email, phone call, etc. A high percentage of prospective customers will be connected to media adverts of many businesses, These messages will come to the mobile of the consumer at anytime, anywhere and will range from incentive, promotion and discount offers.
  • 4. What is Mobile Application Mobile Applications or Mobile Apps are interactive and innovative applications that are developed for small handheld devices like mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs, and so on, These are pre-loaded onto the handheld devices and even can be downloaded from the Internet or the online application store. A mobile app is a common feature that is found in both normal as well as Smartphones. Some of the most popular Smartphone apps that support this mobile applications are Android, Windows mobile, Java ME, Symbian, etc. Mobile apps are basically used to create music, games, IM and business tools.
  • 5. Benefits of Mobile Apps For Business Mobile apps help business to access relevant and prospective customers. Using mobile apps, business can customize their business strategies in such a way that it will relate to the services and product being promoted or advertised. Organizations can create awareness about their business as most of the mobile users are addicted to their mobile. So it is certain that these mobile users will check their inbox for any kind of messages, Compared to other means of advertising, mobile app ads are less expensive and reach to larger customers. So more benefit at less cost.
  • 6. Restaurant & Food Industry One of the largest and money spinning Industry. Approximately 614,100 people work in the Restaurant industry. Out of the projected count, 80% of them employ 1 to 10 people. The remaining 18% employ 11 to 50 people and 2% employ more than 50 people. 47% of the total workforce are female. 55% of the people who work in the restaurant business have it as their full- time employment. More than 15% of the people who work in the Restaurant Industry dont have minimum or any qualification. 21% of the people who work in the restaurant are between the age group 16-19 years, 34% of them are between the age group 20-30, 25% of them are between 31-40, 10% are between 41-50 and the remaining 12% are 41
  • 7. What is Restaurant App A Restaurant Mobile Application helps users to check out for restaurants that are nearby. With a single click of his or her Smartphone, a user can check out for restaurant that are close to him, find out what they serve, reserve tables and even order for food in advance. For restaurant owners, the app is a great way to download their business into the customers pocket. They can provide various services like sending unlimited push notifications for sharing enticing offers, sending coupons to customers to make them aware of the various exciting offers and up-to-date about what is happening in their restaurant.
  • 8. Need of Mobile App in Restaurants When it comes to dining and wining, apps are very much useful. Presents the menu in a dynamic and rich images. Easy to make reservations and right at the spot. Inform upcoming events like holiday partying, wine tasting and other promotional events. Regular Email confirmation regarding reservations, offers, location of the restaurant, etc. Customers can inform their friends and acquaintances through social media about the features of the restaurant. Good loyalty program where users can get good treat and offers like free appetizers, wine-tasting, buffet lunch, etc.
  • 9. Importance of Mobile App in Restaurant Industry Single click, the entire information of the restaurant gets displayed on the Smartphone. Filtering restaurants as per their location, star level, amenity in the neighborhood, price of dishes, etc. Easy reservation and avoid getting stuck up in the reservation list. Enhancing the dining experience with dining hall and pride lounge. Givcs opportunity to the customer to create dinning packages as per his or her needs. Customers selection in the kind of food he or she wants and see the ingredients used. Easy booking during Christmas, Thanksgiving and other festival seasons.
  • 10. Choose the food that you like and get it delivered right at your doorstep. Online menu which is easy to read and understand. Easy to book and handle meetings Arrangement of seats and tables as per the social status of the guest who attend the meeting. Easy to manage and arrange family parties and celebrations. Modify the guest list and history. Get the Chefs recommendation and the days special in one single click.
  • 11. Choosing the Right Mobile App Company The company that you choose should be experienced in creating mobile apps for the different platforms. They must be able to cope up with the changing and the advancement in technology. An efficient and experienced mobile app developers who are well versed in the mobile app technology. Must have well experience in designing and creating interactive mobile apps. Should be in business especially in mobile app development for many years.
  • 12. Why NDOT is a Good Choice Among the various mobile applications, we have got hefty experience in developing such apps. We are one of the pioneers in the field of mobile application for many years. The clear proof of our popularity in the mobile market is the well banked customer record as well as a different array of apps created by us. Our Restaurant App is available for Android, iPhone and Blackberry. The apps created by us are not only user-friendly but also available at reasonable price.
  • 13. NDOT Technologies Substantial 4+ years of experience in web-oriented product design & development and mobile application development. Cumulative organization experience of 400 man years. Headquarters occupying 7500 Sq.Ft in Coimbatore city with an operating office at the US and Morroco. Team of 150+ skilled professionals. More than 1000+ customers across the globe
  • 14. To know more about our app please visit application-for-restaurantMail us to [email protected] to know about its cost.
  • 15. Keep in TouchFacebook : : : : [email protected]
  • 16. Contact MoroccoIndia Corporate HQ:NDOT Technologies Pvt Chahir DrissLtd, M.D Super TradeSite No.7, Block No.3, Maruthamalai Road, Mag. 7 IMM. ALI 171 BIS RUE MOHAMED EL BEQALCoimbatore - 641 041, India GUELIZ , MARRAKECH 40000 MOROCCOWebsite : Email: [email protected] Phone : +212 (0)6 58 58 5000US Office: +1 (323) 982-8943.Head Office: +91 422-434-2519. Bahrain Ashish Thomas MathewEmail: [email protected] Buidling 929, Road 2919 ManamaSkype: Kingdom of Bahrain [email protected] Phone: +97334313532US OperationNDOT LLC,1628 Oak Tree Rd STE 9Edison,NJ 08820Phone

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