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Perfect for collecting consumer information, our instant Mobile Phone Survey service for Smart Phones delivers feedback results in minutes. Mobile Phone 'Micro' Surveys are designed to execute directly from the cloud without the need for the user to pre-install any App in advance, and so are perfect for use with members of the General Public where easy access and instant results are required. A key benefit of using our Mobile Phone Surveys is that there is no need to know anything about your respondent in advance, all you need to do is publish a text invocation keyword and the SMS response number, and then anyone can invoke the survey for themselves (utilising our SMS Auto-Responder Service), respondents can feed back instantly because there is no time consuming App Store for them to navigate and nothing to download & install. You can also invoke a Mobile Phone Survey yourself, simply by sending a text directly to a persons mobile phone number, why not try our SMS survey sending service here: It is possible to copy HTML buttons from the control panel which you can then cut n paste directly into your own web pages or internal intranet, thereby allowing your own staff to send out your survey directly to a customer after requesting their mobile number. Of course you can also promote your survey via a QR code, both methods will work together, you can publish the invocation information in a magazine, on a Poster, on a bill board, or even on a shop till recieipt. Designed using the latest technology Mobile Phone Surveys work with all Smart Phone types, including Blackberry, during operation a 3G or Wi-Fi signal is required, the software is designed to work using small neat pages so the performance is always good, but of course it is dependent upon a local wi-fi or 3G signal being present. Mobile Phone Surveys are designed to be quick and simple to use without the need for any typing input, a simple point and tap will suffice, however, they can also collect small amounts of data input including the respondents Email address and mobile phone number, this is your choice. As long as the user inputs their mobile phone number then the system will send them a confirmation response as a SMS text message, this maybe just a message - or a 'come back again' discount voucher. SMS responses can include a discount voucher to be used as part of a loyalty scheme, the system will also send an Email if they input their correct Email address. Both the Email and Mobile numbers are auto-stored in an address book, which can later be used for SMS broadcast marketing. Retail Stores with POS Till systems can print survey invocation details on the till ticket print out, a retail survey can then be used to capture instant on-the-spot consumer views about service or quality.


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