Mobile Phone Technology

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  1. 1. Mobile Phone Technology & ....The New Media....
  2. 2. In 1993, Mobile phones where ...New Mobile technology
    • Ugly
    • Heavy
    • Expensive
    • Application - limited
  3. 3. In 2007, Mobile phones are ...
    • Sexy
    • Light & Portable
    • Much more affordable
    • Available to the masses
  4. 4. As well as just being standard phones, modern units are often able to do the following;
    • Receive Digital Radio.
    • MP3 playback
    • Browse the Internet
    However, very recent devices, most notably Apple iPhone have pushed this technology even further;
    • Large, buttonless screens.
    • High definition picture - ideal for steaming television / movies.
    • High capacity storage
    • Full iTunes integration (Inc. podcast streaming)
    Traditional Phone Manufactures, such as Nokia are already racing to bring out (even higher specd) models. Apple are rumored to be releasing iPhone v.2 within the next 3 months.
  5. 5. New Media Integration.. These Next Generation devices allow for the ultra-mobile integration of manynon-linear broadcasting technologies.Take-up of these devices has already been massive. As the technology becomes cheaper, purchases of iPhone and similar are expected to rocket (think iPod). Since July this year 1.39 million iPhones alone have been sold. Even though live television streaming is possible, it is expensive due to heavy bandwidth, and quality can be poor. As a result, take-up of these services has not been very impressive. This has put even more pressure on the more traditional linear broadcasters, to offer material for download to these devices...