MobileMonday Austria - Joachim Bader (CLANMO)

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Mobile Marketing Challenge on September 21st 2009 - Keynote Speech - Joachim Bader

Text of MobileMonday Austria - Joachim Bader (CLANMO)

  • 1. CLANMOMobile Interactive AgencyWhat we doCLANMO is the agency for mobile interaction. CLANMO realizes award-winning campaigns applications and mobile internet solutions. bl lOur clients profit from our strategic competence and creativity in combination with our i h bi tiith in-house t h l technology platforms. l tf CLANMO supports its clients to sustainably strengthen their core business by using the mobile channel and make the most efficient use of the mobile medium. CLANMOGmbH20091

2. Our Clients and Partners We work with brands, agencies and partnersBrands Agencies and partner companies Founding member MobileOneAllicance CLANMOGmbH2009 2 3. Our Awards We are the most awarded Mobile Agency in GermanyMost awarded Mobile Marketing Agency in 2008 The only German agency that was awarded for Mobile Internet and Mobile Marketing. Marketing CLANMOGmbH20093 4. #1: Th Re-birth f Applications #1 The R bi h of A li iCLANMOGmbH2009 4 5. VWiPhone Applikation Golf GTI 2009 CLANMOGmbH20095 6. App StoreLaunch July 2008 Start with 500 Apps After three days: 10 Millionen downloads, 800 apps d l d 9 months: 1 billion downloads, 35 000 apps 12 months: 1,5 billion downloads, 65 000 apps Developers July 2009: 100 000 D lJ l 2009 CLANMOGmbH20096 7. Mobile Applications and Widgets Scope Device Manufacturer Store / Platform? Operating System?Local MobileService Provider?CLANMOGmbH20097 8. IKEAIKEA PS CamWir zeigen dir, wie acht tolleProdukte aus derIKEA PS Kollektion bei dir zuHause aussehen. Inter IKEA S stems B V 1999 - 2009 Systems B.V. CLANMOGmbH20098 9. AdidasLondon MarathonJava AppRadio frequency tracking of runnersIntegrated in wider sponsorshipcampaign CLANMOGmbH2009 9 10. #2: The Rise f C #2 Th Ri of mCommerce S i ServicesCLANMOGmbH2009 10 11. Lufthansa: Mobile PortalFrom cost center to profit center CLANMOGmbH2009 11 12. Lufthansa: some numbersVisits Jan 2008 June 2009Pageviews: ca. 1. 4 Mio per monthg pMost used services: Flight Status and Check-InMobile Boarding Pass: ca. 85.000 per month (Online & Mobile)Distribution: 60 % per Email and 40% per SMSLength of visit on the mobile portal: 6-7 minutes CLANMOGmbH200912 13. Autotrader UK1 million searches in July 2009CLANMOGmbH2009 13 14. Mini campaign Spain1 million searches in July 2009 CLANMOGmbH2009 14 15. Challenge: M i Ch llMoving mobile f bil from f ifringe to coreCLANMOGmbH200915 16. Is he right?In f five years, 50 percent of all digital0f ll dl communication and access to services will be mobile anyways. anyways (Managing Director, German Online Agency) CLANMOGmbH200916 17. Mobile channel not mobile add-onsFrom tactical to strategic, from fringe to core Today:ASAP: Bluetooth App TV Online MobileOOH Guerillaaugmentedrealitymobile banneringg Mobile strategic approach Proven ROITechnology portfolioBudget allocationCreativity for mobile Specialist agencies CLANMOGmbH2009 17 18. Thank you. Joachim Bader Managing Director CLANMO GmbH Marcel-Breuer-Str. 18 D 80807 D-80807 MnchenTel.: +49 (0)89 32 29 86-528 Fax: +49 (0)89 32 29 86-570 E-Mail: E M il jhi b d @CLANMO CLANMOGmbH2009 18 19. CopyrightAll information presented in this document is the intellectual property of CLANMO GmbH. The use of campaign ideas or concepts is only allowed with the explicit permission ofMindMatics. No part of this document may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, ortransmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording orotherwise, without the prior permission of MindMatics. The Recipient also accepts liability forunauthorised disclosure to a third party through its negligence and any resulting damages toMindMatics. By receiving this document, the Recipient agrees to treat ay information contained herein asconfidential. In the event of the Recipient making use, in part or entirety, of ideas or conceptsdescribed in this document, the Recipient accepts to pay MindMatics a reasonable license orconsulting f at market rates. Sh ld the parties concerned not b able to reach an agreementli fee k Should h id be bl hon such matters, the Recipient agrees to let a mutually accepted independent arbitrator decideon the level of compensation due. Place of jurisdiction is Munich, Germany CLANMOGmbH2009 19