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  • 1. Mobile Device Security The next challenge Jan Guldentops ([email_address]) BA N.V. (

2. About BA More information 3. I nformationI ntegration i 4. Our Commitment Ask our partners 5. Our Commitment Ask our clients Public Sector/Government Non-profit Enterprise Association Vincotte Nuclear, Idewe, Handicap international, Jeugd en Stad Vzw) Hamburger Mannheimer, Didak Injection, Credimo, Nollekens (PGZ International), Altrad Havico, Paratel, Sodexo,Securex Vlaams Parlement, Leuven, Hasselt, Boom, Overpelt, Mortsel, Ranst, Lummen, Olen, St-Katelijne-Waver, Kasterlee, Oud-Turnhout, OCMW Kontich, PZ Noord, Balen, Schoten, Zwijndrecht, KBR 6. Information Integration BAs infrastructure for: Digitisation Security Mobility Virtualisation Data Storageand Warehousing Data Protection and Integrity DigitalPreservation and Archiving Data Access and Portability 7. Traditional Security-model is gone forever There is no perimeter anymore... Users are accessing data/app(lication)s From everywhere From all kinds of devices 8. There are no sure bets in the mobile device market King today, beggar tomorrow (e.g. RIM, Nokia) What will happen to Apple now Steve is dead ? Will Nokia rise from the grave by selling its soul to the devil ? 9. End-user rules... ICT/security has to follow not lead End-user decides which (cloud) apps/device he or she is going to use Wants to have that sexy device that fiits his personality... 10. BYOD Bring your own deviceLet users buy their own phone, tablet or laptop Make IT support it 11. Most secure devices 1. Blackberry2. iOS 3. Symbian 4. Android5. Windows Phone 12. Armsrace The security feature list is continuously evolving version by version. IOS5 and Android 4 look very promising Windows Phone is too early days Security should be in the device OS itself and not added by extra software 13. Mobile security = big business All antivirus vendors have a mobile solution Kaspersky (not for Ios), Gdata & Symantec (only android), etc. Lots of mobile device management platforms out thereMobile Iron, Zenprise, Good technologies, Kaspersky 14. Problems to fear / fix DATA LEAKAGE Encrypt / remote wipe Don't store confidential data on the device MALWARE Update your os Control the dev community / signing Walled gardens / sandboxes 15. Problems to fear / fix (2) STRONG AUTHENTICATION Password policies Better: certificates CONTROL Controll the apps/usage of your endusers BACKUPS 16. Conclusions The ghost is out of the bottle, no way backGo for a crossplatform solutionControl what you can control BYOD will happen so prepare for it 17. Conclusions First you need a good policy What level of security do you want/have to accomplish? Riskanalysis is this possible ? Plan for the worse Then find the tools to do it First tool is common sense (be smart) Look at the management solutions 18. Thank You Contact us 016/ 29.80.45 016/ 29.80.46 Vaartdijk 3/501B-3018 Wijgmaal, Belgium [email_address] Twitter: JanGuldentops