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  • 1. Tuesday, 10 January 12

2. Brief Show the beauty of craftsmanship and elegance that the Meisterstuck from Montblanc has.Tuesday, 10 January 12 3. Problem People tend to not care much about what pen they use when putting down their signatures. Putting down your signature is the moment that youve decided on something important, no matter how big or small.Tuesday, 10 January 12 4. Insight Many have got dreams and aspiration to be or own the very best. They dont realise how every single thing that they do contributes to their achievements.Tuesday, 10 January 12 5. Direct Mail Outside InsideTuesday, 10 January 12 6. Tuesday, 10 January 12 7. Tuesday, 10 January 12 8. PrintTuesday, 10 January 12 9. Tuesday, 10 January 12 10. OnlineUsers either arrive viathe DM sent to themor through the print ad.Tuesday, 10 January 12 11. Users then are treated to an AR video from the DM. Users are then given a brief showcase of how these pen drawings are beautifully done.Tuesday, 10 January 12 12. Users are then asked to upload their signature and a short statement of their dreams/aspirations. 3 most voted signatures/dreams would have their wishes fulfilled.Tuesday, 10 January 12 13. AmbientPublic are invited to puttheir signatures down onthe board.Most beautiful signaturewould be featured onMontblancs monthlymagazine and in-store.Tuesday, 10 January 12