Moving to the Cloud - A Step by Step Guide

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<ul><li><p>Moving to the CloudA Step by Step Guide</p><p>Part of Capita plc</p></li><li><p>Moving to the Cloud is a matter of when, not if.</p><p>Part of Capita plc</p></li><li><p>Many organisations are still confused about the Cloud, and even those who understand clouds benefits are unsure about how to begin the move.</p><p>Part of Capita plc</p></li><li><p>Its no wonder that 81% of CIOs are confused about the Cloud!</p><p>81%</p><p>Part of Capita plc</p></li><li><p>Since there is no one-size-fits-all approach for moving to the Cloud, CIOs often feel overwhelmed by their options:</p><p>Which one should they choose?</p><p>Public Private Hybrid</p><p>Part of Capita plc</p></li><li><p>Before moving to the Cloud, it is crucial that you not only have a well-defined cloud strategy in place, but also that you know exactly what systems and applications your organisation has. </p><p>Step 1: Strategy is Key</p><p>Part of Capita plc</p></li><li><p>Some key questions to ask when defining your cloud strategy are:</p><p>Step 1: Strategy is Key</p><p>Does your organisation have a clearly defined cloud strategy already?</p><p>Do you understand the true costs of operating your current infrastructure?</p><p>What is the IT operating model-in-house or outsourced?</p><p>Do you have a defined budget for IT, or is it as-required?</p><p>Are there any compliancy or governance concerns around moving to the Cloud?</p><p>Part of Capita plc</p></li><li><p>You need to know exactly what youve got, before your organisation can begin to move to the Cloud. </p><p>Step 2: Know What Youve Got</p><p>Part of Capita plc</p></li><li><p>A full systems and infrastructure overview can be overwhelming, but if you tackle it methodically, one section at time, you can remove some of the stress and confusion.</p><p>Start with one of the following:</p><p>Step 2: Know What Youve Got</p><p>Infrastructure Storage &amp; Backups</p><p>Applications Disaster Recovery</p><p>Part of Capita plc</p></li><li><p>Once you have a comprehensive understanding of your organisations existing IT estate, its time to think about moving to the Cloud.</p><p>Step 3: Moving to the Cloud</p><p>Part of Capita plc</p></li><li><p>Decide which applications you should move:</p><p>Moving everything over to the Cloud at once can be overwhelming and impractical</p><p>Take a hybrid approach:</p><p>Move key systems and applications gradually To make this decision, its key that you understand the cost of your current systems versus the cost of moving to the Cloud.</p><p>Step 3: Moving to the Cloud</p><p>Part of Capita plc</p></li><li><p>Contact us to find out how you can simplify your cloud journey</p><p>Our dedicated experts collaborate with organisations at every stage of your cloud journey advising, implementing and deploying innovative solutions to deliver successful outcomes.</p><p>Simplify your journey to the Cloud</p><p>Supporting overcustomers across publicand private sector</p><p> PublicSector Cloud Partner</p><p>An accomplished team of dedicated staff with years experience</p><p>Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner</p><p>Overtechnical andPartner accreditations</p><p>Microsoft CloudSolution Providerprogram partner</p><p>Microsoft CloudOS NetworkPartner</p><p>1002000</p><p>No.1</p><p>60027</p><p>Part of Capita plc</p></li><li><p>Moving to the Cloud doesnt have to be complicated!</p><p>With the right knowledge, a dedicated leader, and most importantly a well-defined, focused strategy, your organisation can move to the Cloud with ease.</p><p>What we can do to support:</p><p>Summary</p><p>Cloud Readiness Assessment</p><p>Cloud Transformation Platform </p><p> Cloud Application Transformation</p><p>Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure</p><p>Disaster Recoveryas a Service</p><p>Azure onDemand</p><p>Part of Capita plc</p></li><li><p></p><p>Contact your Account manager</p><p></p><p>0845 2101 500</p><p>Want to find out more?</p><p>Part of Capita plc</p></li></ul>


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