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In early Jan 2014, the Walker Sands team attended NRF 2014 in New York City which drew in big names such as George W. Bush and IBM CEO, Ginni Rometty. The Walker Sands social media team conducted a social listening report and came up with major conversation themes in addition to some best practices for how brands can use NRF to their advantage.


  • 1. NRF 2014 Social Listening ReportJanuary 2014

2. CONVERSATION OVERVIEWINSIGHTS:651170006000 From Jan. 10-17 #nrf14 was used 19,307 times by the top brands and influencers in the retail space. The shows official Twitter account, @RetailsBIGShow, had 1,244 total interactions (mentions and retweets). Jan. 13 saw the highest volume of conversation with 6,512 tweets using #nrf14, making up 34% of all NRFrelated chatter on Twitter.510750002573 40001944 300011462000907 2511000010 Jan11 Jan12 Jan13 Jan14 Jan15 Jan41916 Jan17 Jan 3. MOST DISCUSSED SESSIONS INSIGHTS:1800 1600 9 AM 10 AM on Jan. 13 had more NRF-related conversation than any other time during the conference due to former President George W. Bushs keynote address. The 3:15 PM breakout session with Macys CEO Terry Lundgren and IBMs CEO Ginni Rometty was the most popular of NRF 2014. Breakout sessions featuring C-Suite executives of leading retailers saw more conversation than ones without.1400 1200@lizpoteracki: So excited to hear George W. Bush speak this morning. #nrf14 #nrfsa #nyc15761700 1298@DavidAlanKarp: @GinniRometty speaking about 3 big trends #BigData as our next big national resource #nrf141000 800 600658400184 200280 0162 12 - 6 AM*All times are in ESTKeynote session with Terry Lundgren, CEO of Macys and Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBMGeorge W. Bush Keynote Address6 -9 AM9 AM 12 PM*Conversation trend for Day 1 of NRF 201412 - 3 PM3-6 PM6-9 PM9 PM 12 AM 4. MOST INFLUENTIAL BRANDS 2155 IBM560IBM Retail 545Microsoft272IBM Smarter Commerce 225R Ray Wang 510Intel203Smarter Planet 203NRF News386 SAP Magento749Retails BIG ShowMagento Microsoft Retail226Most mentioned exhibitors188 184IBM Social Business SAP Retail183 163Most influential twitter accounts (by Retweets)INSIGHTS: The IBM breakout session created more conversation for the brand than all of the top exhibitors combined. Brands that utilized an influencer in commerce or retail, such as IBM Retail, were the most retweeted accounts at NRF 2014. 20% of all Magento mentions were retweets of Rebecca Minkoffs appearance at the eBay booth. 5. NRF TOPIC TRENDSINSIGHTS: IBM (including CEO Ginni Rometty) led all conversation topics while Ogilvy had four of the top 10 most retweeted posts. Conversations surrounding the session, Future of Retail, big data and the shopping experience saw the most retweets and received the most Twitter chatter. 6. FUTURE OF RETAIL SESSION TWEETS 7. BIG DATA TWEETS 8. SHOPPING EXPERIENCE TWEETS 9. TOP 10 RETWEETED TWEETS AT NRF 2014 496034483258 44295237 10. NRF BEST PRACTICESMeet InfluencersSpeakersHost meet and greets with retail and consumer influencers at the booth to drive conversation.Brands are more likely to have their thought leaders talked about if they speak on Day 1 at NRF 2014.BreakoutRelease StudyBrands should co-host breakout sessions with C-Suite retail execs to generate more conversation on social media.Use NRF 2014 as a platform to release a groundbreaking study on retail to increase influence over other brands. 11. THANK YOU! The NRF 2014 Social Listening Report was conducted by:Mike Santoro PresidentChristine Pietryla SVP Public RelationsKatie Welge Account ExecutiveAdam Miller Social Media SpecialistIf you have questions or would like to have a social listening audit conducted on your brand, please contact