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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Online Marketing SummitMinneapolis | June 25, 2010Integrated Inbound MarketingHow to use Google, Blogs &amp; Social Media together to get found online. </p> <p>Rick BurnesHubSpot1About Inbound MarketingSEOContentSocial MediaHow to Measure ItAgenda</p> <p>SEOBloggingFlickr: nopiedraFlickr: Sachaverelle</p> <p>Social MediaFlickr: davecobb Traditional Marketing (Outbound)</p> <p>Marketing Today (Inbound)</p> <p>Declining Traffic for Trade Pubs</p> <p>But Were Now a Trade Pub!</p> <p>Best Young Companies? Inbound.9</p> <p>1950 - 20002000 - 2050Budget vs. Brains</p> <p>Flickr: Refracted Moments</p> <p>Flickr: Gaetoan Lee10</p> <p> Inbound Is Cheaper</p> <p>12</p> <p>What Is Inbound Marketing?LeadsGet FoundPublishPromoteOptimize</p> <p>ProcessToolsGet FoundContent MgmtBloggingSocial MediaSEOAnalytics</p> <p>ConvertTestTargetNurture</p> <p>Website VisitorsCustomersConvertOffers / CTAsLanding PagesEmailLead IntelligenceLead MgmtAnalytics</p> <p>Social MediaBlogSEO</p> <p>Flickr: Storm CryptSocial MediaBlogSEOAbout Inbound MarketingSEOContentSocial MediaHow to Measure ItAgendaHow Do You Get to the Top?</p> <p>Pick Your Keyword Battles</p> <p>Flick Photos: ExtraMedium &amp; Simonstarr Fight for Ninja or Ninja Halloween CostumeTwo Sides of Optimization</p> <p>On-PageOff-Page</p> <p>How Do You Get Links?</p> <p>Have something worth linking to.Blogging Means More Inbound Links</p> <p>How Google Weighs OptimizationOff-page optimization is critical.On Page(25%) </p> <p>Off Page(75%)</p> <p>Flickr: Storm CryptBlogSEOAbout Inbound MarketingSEOContentSocial MediaHow to Measure ItAgenda</p> <p>Website GradeGoogle Indexed PagesMonthly Unique Visitorswww.craigieonmain.com56996,</p> <p>2582,200Data from and compete.comThe Difference?</p> <p>What Should You Write About?</p> <p>(Holly Allison, VP, Marketing, Vico Software)(Larry Berezin, COO, NYC Parking Ticket, LLC)Content Attracts the Right PeopleNeil Diamond </p> <p>Flick Photo: Marciela</p> <p>BlogPodcastVideosPhotosPresentationseBooksNews ReleasesWhat Content Channels Are Best?</p> <p></p> <p>Make emails into blog postsTurn forum posts into blog postsShoot videos at eventsInterview customers for your blogRepurpose company data for public reportsShare lessons you learnGet Into the Content Mindset</p> <p>Flick Photo: CindiannAbout Inbound MarketingSEOContentSocial MediaHow to Measure ItAgendaSocial Media Is Now a Staple</p> <p> Unmeasured Small scale No business impact But lots of fun Highly measurable Massive scale Major driver of leads, sales Still funFlickr: anitacanitaFlickr: sierravalleygirlPR, Social-Media Style</p> <p>I will call you right now</p> <p>Need to urgently speak with a business that is very actively leveraging social media strategies; for ZDNet</p> <p>408 555-1234?</p> <p>I spoke about our use of social media for biz on 2 panels - AND PR, Social-Media Style</p> <p>Elapsed Time:50 MinutesSocial Media Drives LeadsHubSpot Social Media LeadsTwitter is largest category, at &gt;40% of HubSpots total social media leads.</p> <p>How to Get Started</p> <p>Listen Listen More Build RelationshipsShare Your Content</p> <p>39Start Listening</p> <p>Places to blogsIndustry</p> <p>Start Engaging</p> <p> Facebook Discussions LinkedIn Answers Whats relevant in your industry?Share Your Content</p> <p>42What Gets Shared?</p> <p>Rarely SharedFrequentlyShared Product info Free trials Software documentation</p> <p> New data Funny videos Top-notch blog postsBlogging Increases Twitter Reach</p> <p>Social Media Is Now Part of SEOResults from Twitter</p> <p>Flickr: Storm CryptSocial MediaBlogSEOAbout Inbound MarketingSEOContentSocial MediaHow to Measure ItAgendaAssess Search Engine Optimization</p> <p>www.websitegrader.comTrack Blog Subscriptions</p> <p>LeadsWebsite VisitorsCustomersTrack the Whole FunnelTrack the Funnel, by Channel</p> <p>LeadsSEOCustomers</p> <p>LeadsBlogCustomers</p> <p>LeadsPaid MediaCustomersHow to Track Your FunnelTrack visitors.</p> <p>How to Track Your FunnelTrack leads.</p> <p>How to Track Your FunnelHow to Track Your FunnelTrack customers.</p> <p>How to Track Your FunnelWhy Tracking Channels Is CriticalVisitorsLeadsConversionCustomersNet ConversionTwitter3,28955417%120.4%Facebook5047515%61.2%Stumbleupon511285%10.2%55Be Wary of Siloed Analysis</p> <p>Be Wary of Siloed AnalysisFinal Thoughts Traditional Sales</p> <p>Inbound Sales</p> <p>Flickr: Storm CryptSocial MediaBlogSEOSalesCan You Put the Pieces Together?</p> <p>d.j.k. on flickrHubSpot Puts the Pieces Together</p> <p>63Connect with me:LinkedIn: Thank You!</p> <p>Sign up for a free trial of</p> <p>64</p>