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OTT for Mobile Devices, An Implementers Checklist: device support, experience of the end user, value added features, internet delivery methods, compliance with studio requirements - DRM, and end to end interoperability.



2. PREMIUM MOBILE VIDEO TRACTION 3. OTT ARCHITECTURE IS COMPLICATED EVEN BEFOREDIVING INTO THE USER DEVICEDiscretix Proprietary and Confidential 36 May 2013Encoder EncoderCDN CDNDRM SERVERDRM SERVER Web / StreamingServerWeb / StreamingServerWeb / StreamingServerEnd DeviceEnd DeviceContent & User ManagementSystemsContent & User ManagementSystems 4. MOBILE DEVICES ARE KEY NO SURPRISE HERE50%+ ofsmartphone ownersuse device for video* Up 20% fromprevious year50%+ of tabletowners used thedevice for video inthe passing year100% YoY growth inhours spentwatching onlinevideo on mobile 5. OTT FOR MOBILE HAS ITS CHALLENGES IMPLEMENTERS CHECKLIST5 main topics to keep in mind (D)evice support (E)xperience of the end-user (V)alue Added Features (I)nternet Delivery Methods (C)ompliance with Studio Requirements DRM (E)nd to end interoperability 6. HOW MANY DEVICES ARE THERE?1000?10?100? 7. HOW MANY DEVICES ARE THERE? A LOT!4K+ distinct devices andconstantly increasingSource: 8. (D) DEVICE SUPPORTConsiderations Default playback is device dependent (native player) It is impossible to properly support so many devicesSolutions Minimize dependency, use a device independentimplementationTradeoffs IN OLD DEVICES:HW independent implementation vs. HW acceleration Free native player vs. a commercial grade player 9. (E) EXPERIENCE OF THE END-USERConsiderations User experience is everything! Flawless app operation Multi audio tracks Captions availability for internet video (mandated by FCC in the US)Solutions Structured QA (internal tests, pilot group, ) Top notch video playerTradeoffs Time to market vs. app maturity Again: Free native player vs. a commercial grade player 10. USER EXPERIENCE - SUBTITLESSource: One of the reasons users transit from internet videopiracy to legal services is: There are no subtitlesSource: Ericsson consumer lab report (2012) Recent study shows an unexpected use for subtitles: 11. (V) VALUE ADDED FEATURESConsiderations In-home content distribution Surround audio supportSolutions In home content distribution via Miracast/Airplay or DLNA Device / Player support for Dolby/DTSTradeoffs Miracast/Airplay vs. DLNA (Device /App) Rich sound vs. bandwidth 12. MIRACAST SUPPORT FOR OTT APPS IS HERESource: 13. (I) INTERNET DELIVERY METHODSConsiderations Always changing bandwidth and network coverage Existing infrastructure Apples limitation HLS streaming for cellular networksSolutions Download / Progressive download ABR streaming (HLS / Smooth Streaming / MPEG-DASH)+ Encode the content in many bitratesTradeoffs Immediate content view vs. assured high quality Extended coverage vs. complete mobile coverage Backend storage vs. smoother playback 14. POPULAR STREAMING TECHNOLOGIES COMPAREDMicrosoft SS Apple HLS MPEG DASHVideo Codecs H.264, VC-1 H.264 H.264 / agnosticAudio Codecs AAC, WMA AAC, MP3 AAC / agnosticPackage MP4 Fragments MPEG-2 TSMP4 Fragments +MPEG-2 TSRecommended SegmentDuration 2-4sec 10 sec Flexible 15. MOBILE DEVICE A SAFE HAVEN FOR YOUR APP? 16. (C) COMPLIANCE WITH STUDIO REQUIREMENTS ROBUST DRMConsiderations A studio-approved DRM must be used to protect the content The DRM itself must be protected as wellSolutions Several DRM schemes to choose from Robust DRM implementation that updates constantlyTradeoffsEach DRM Scheme has different fit per infrastructure / consumption usecasesHigh security level vs. app update overhead 17. CREATING A SECURE & ROBUST APPLICATION Root of Trust Fingerprint Root of Trust Sensitive Data protection Secure Storage forConfidentiality and Integrity Anti Debugging Prevent reverse engineering Anti Tampering Using security tripwires Health attestation Detect potential hackingrisks on the device Variability/Diversity By variations of thecode Revocation and Renewability Efficient andtransparent method for attack recovery 18. (E) END TO END INTEROPERABILITYConsiderations All components must work in perfect sync: player, device DRM, serverDRM, encoder, entitlementSolutions Use pre-integrated components Exhaustive QA with all componentsTradeoffs Choosing components that already interoperate vs. cherry-pickingcomponents Time to market vs. app interoperability degree 19. END TO END TYING IT ALL TOGETHER 20. 5 main topics to keep in mind (D)evice support (E)xperience of the end-user (V)alue Added Features (I)nternet Delivery Methods (C)ompliance with Studio Requirements DRM (E)nd to end interoperabilityIMPLEMENTERS CHECKLIST - RECAP 21. Q&A 22. THANK YOUVisit to learn more.