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<ul><li><p> Outsourced Software Development The Tactical Edge</p><p>In a technology driven world, it has become necessary for the organizations to adapt to the latest technologies, which enhance their </p><p>mobility, efficiency and productivity. This gives the organization a competitive advantage over others. To meet this inherent need, </p><p>organizations either use their information technology wing to develop the required software or rely on outsourced software </p><p>development services. Outsourcing of technology can include software solutions, applications or outsourced product development </p><p>services. </p><p>Software outsourcing thus has become the buzzword in the IT industry. A number of best software product development companies with </p><p>highly skilled manpower, enormous knowledge and experience now focus on their core business and are reaping profits outsourcing their </p><p>core competencies. These companies, which provide business as an outsourcing partner for software or product development need to be </p><p>fully committed not just to design, develop and implement their software projects, but also extend their services to support &amp; maintain </p><p>mission critical applications.</p><p>Most of the software development companies, software consultancy companies, software product development companies have gained </p><p>expertise through working in various domains such as Insurance, manufacturing, Shipping, healthcare and retail sectors. The demand for </p><p>outsourcing has increased with the industries realizing the need for a stronger focus on their core business activities and outsourcing the </p><p>non-core activities to experts. This not only leads to better business development, but also reduces the administrative and operational </p><p>costs for the client company by nearly 70%. </p><p>Among the various outsourced product development services, software product development services are quite popular besides the </p><p>BPOs. Companies offering these services are the most sought after in the global market, as they not only provide offshore developers, but </p><p>also collaborate with clients at a strategic level and provide executives with on-demand access to global innovation networks. These </p><p>companies leverage their proven tools and processes and years of expertise, to provide clients a number of services, such as customer </p><p>research, engineering, maintenance &amp; support. Most of these software companies partner with softwareenabled large business houses to </p><p>deliver quality products to the demanding market at cost effective options. This helps the software companies to create a network of </p><p>innovative hubs worldwide and connect to clients on award winning platforms. These features make them the best product </p><p>development companies. </p><p>The software Product development lifecycle involves a number of subsets such as product conceptualizations, Identifying and designing </p><p>key features, selecting architecture, development strategy, product localization, customization and implementation. Migration and </p><p>product extensions with facility for extending product functionality design and scope for cross-platform integration as well as smart </p><p>devices are the key features that make them stand out. </p><p>Also read on: Distributed agile development, Top IT companies to work</p></li></ul>


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