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Passive Electronic Component: Monthly Market Research Report

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Text of Passive Electronic Component: Monthly Market Research Report

  • Passive Electronic Components:

    Monthly Market Research Report: January 2016 Edition

  • About The Report

    The Report Highlights Global Market Developments in Passive Electronic Components On A Month-To-Month Basis and Forecasts The Quarterly Changes in Revenues for Public producers of passive components in the United States, Japan and China.

  • The report combines the following intelligence streams into a single monthly report


  • 8 Types of Aluminum Capacitor 10 Types of Ceramic Capacitor 12 Types of Tantalum Capacitor 4 Types of PlasUc Film Capacitor

    Historical by Month; Easy SpoWng of Shortage and Excess

    Lead Times for 34 Types of Capacitor

  • Lead Times for 21 Types of Resistor

    6 Types of Thick Film Chip Ru02 5 Types of Axial and Radial Leaded 5 Types of Resistor Networks 5 Types of Thin Film Chips

    Historical by Month; Easy SpoWng of Shortage and Excess

  • Lead Times for 3 Types of Inductor

    Axial and Radial Leaded Inductors MulUlayered Chip Coils Ferrite Beads


    Passive Component Markets By Type and Quarter Historical Value, Volume and Pricing Forecasts for Capacitors, Resistors and Inductors With Quarterly Forecasts Monitored and Updated Monthly



    Eleven of The Top Passive Component Vendors: FY 2014-2016 Revenues By Quarter With FY 2017 Forecasts Updated Monthly Yen, Won and NT$ Currency ValuaUon and Forecasts

  • SecUon Four: Raw Material Pricing

  • Raw Material Price Index By Month

    Base Metal Material Price and Vendor and Mine Tracking: Nickel Copper Aluminum Zinc Precious Metal Material Price and Vendor Tracking and Mine Tracking: Palladium Ruthenium Tantalite Silver

  • About Paumanok Paumanok Group is the worlds largest supplier of market research and consulUng services to the passive electronic component industry. For 28 years, Paumanok has supplied the following products and services for trade companies and private equity firms that have a financial interest in, or are directly involved in the supply chain for capacitors, resistors, inductors and circuit protecUon components: Due Diligence For Mergers & AcquisiUons Success Plan Development For Acquired Assets SWOT CompeUUve Analysis Supply Chain Management, Development and Expansion Advanced Market Research

    In addiUon to these specialty consulUng services, The Paumanok Group also owns: Paumanok PublicaUons, Inc. -The Worlds Largest Supplier of Off-The-Shelf Market

    Research Dedicated To The Passive Electronic Components Supply Chain Passive Component Industry Magazine LLC (75% Ownership by Paumanok Group; 25%

    Ownership by the EIA- Electronic Industries Alliance; and the ECA; Electronic Components AssociaUon).

  • To Subscribe To The Monthly Report

    Paumanok Monthly Market Research Report Pricing: $2,750.00 USD. Contact: [email protected]