Peer And Self Assessment

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1. Self assessment

  • Read through the comments that have been made on your work.
  • Summarise one aspect of your work that you did well (one good thing)
  • Also identify just ONE area for improvement (one target)
    • be prepared to share this with the group.
  • Write your positive and target under your work.

2. Peer Assessment

  • Read your partners PEE paragraph.
  • Read what they have written and check to see if:
  • -they have used PEE properly
  • putting aPwhere the point is,
  • anEwhere the evidence is,
  • anEXwhere the explanation is.
  • Could they have given a more detailed explanation?
  • Is there scope to generate further development from what they have written?
  • Write one good comment and one target then give a verbal explanation of the target.