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This is a short but informative introduction to peer reviews


  • 1. Why, What, How ?17thJune2013CharutaJoshi

2. None of the materialpresented in thispresentation is original.It bears strong resemblanceto the ideas presented inBest Secrets of CodeReview by Jason Cohen resemblance isintentional to get practicaladvice about benefits & usesof peer code reviews. 3. Study conducted for 3 monthsfor 10000 line project with 10developers.Result:Code review would have savedHALF the cost and uncovered 162additional bugs$1 billion bugChallenger fiascoWHY 4. WHY: BENEFITSImproved CodeQualityFewer defects incodeImprovedKnowledgetransferEducation of juniorprogrammersDirect 5. WHY: BENEFITSShorterdevelopment/testcyclesReduced impacton technicalsupportMore customersatisfactionMore maintainablecodeIndirect 6. Peer Code reviews are GREAT..FOR OTHERSWHY?But we dont really like them.. 7. Because we are NOTmachines.We take our codepersonally.Our work represents ourcreativity and we are notalways open to critiqueBut we dont really like them.. 8. Hurt Feelings I am not the ONLY one to do that. You could say it a nicer way. It was a genuine mistake. Can you even do it yourself?Treat reviews as an opportunity tolearn from each other.Have fun, dont make it personalThe Big-Brother effectMy manager will track my defects.My peers might have less defects than me.This will definitely impact my performancereviewWHY : -ve Social Impacts 9. WHY : But it is NOT ALL bad 10. Begins even before first roundWant to take pride in our workCreate a reputationAccountabilityWHY : +ve impacts The Ego EffectNobody wants to be thisNPE guy !! 11. Peer Reviewer Question : Why is the constant on left side whilecomparing?Programmer Answer : I avoid Null Pointers if status is nullReviewer learns a new trick right away. Both had fun doing it !(anyways more fun than writing & reading a coding guideline document;) )WHY : +ve impacts Old Habits Die Easy 12. Peer reviews highlight our mistakescommon programming with minimumof impactIf we maintain a list and avoid those, weare on our way.You learn both ways, as a reviewer or ifyour work is being reviewedPSP style experiment.WHY : +ve impacts Systematic PersonalGrowth 13. WHAT: Types of Peer Code ReviewFormalInspectionProcessOver TheShoulderReviewsEmail PassAroundInterviewsTool assistedreviewsPairProgramming 14. WHEN: Complete dev coding AND unit testingSetup a review session with a team peer of yourchoice. Let your lead know.Should not be more than 30 minutes.Be friendlyClosely look at code, boundary conditions.Ask questionsFix small issuesFollow-up on big onesIdentify doubts for main reviewerRun all unit tests again and ensure that they PASSUse a review tool (later)HOW : Over the shoulder 15. makes code reviews easyand efficient for developerteamsReceiving feedback on their workwithout reviewers altering their work.Keeping track of all the feedback andthe disposition of each comment.Learning from each other by seeingcomments from others andcommenting on the work of otherteam membersInteracting in real-time, if theyhappen to be reviewing the work atthe same time day free trialHOW : Code Collaborator 16. Presented By: Charuta JoshiRef: Best Secrets of Code Review by Jason Cohen