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Photoshop Elements: Layer Mask Tutorial (Black and White)

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Text of Photoshop Elements: Layer Mask Tutorial (Black and White)

  • 1. Control + Click or 2 Finger Click Duplicate the layer 1
  • 2. This layer will make Kermit black and white Rename the Layer 2
  • 3. Choose a SelectionTool 3
  • 4. You can x selection mistakes later Select Kermit Make sure this layer is highlighted Click and drag inside Kermit 4
  • 5. Fix Selection Mistakes 5
  • 6. Create a Layer Mask Create a new layer mask Mistakes are xed 6
  • 7. Check the Layer Mask Layer mask shows here 7
  • 8. Change to Black andWhite Click Enhance > Convert to Black and White Click on the photo 8
  • 9. Choose Black andWhite Settings There is no right or wrong for these settings Just choose what looks best to you. 9
  • 10. FineTune the Layer Mask Change foreground to white by clicking switch arrow Choose the brush tool Click on the layer mask 10
  • 11. FineTune the Layer Mask Paint white over the green spots to reveal the black and white effect before after 11

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