Pricing mobile apps

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Slides from presentation at #MobDevCon where I talked about pricing strategies and ideas for mobile apps

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  • 1.Matt Lacey @mrlacey

2. I want you to create awesome, financially sustainable, apps 3. Build something quickly Get loads of downloads Make millions 4. Build something Then a miracle happens Make millions 5. Build something Get few downloads disappointment 6. reality 7. no 8. 2/3rds of apps lose money 9. the app poverty line 10. high costs and low sales 11. making money 12. its business 13. not about coding 14. "I prefer free apps with adds [sic], cause they target all categories of people. But payed [sic] apps just target well off people" 15. "For larger business apps, or larger games, maybe its better to go with paid options, in order to cover cost and make profit." 16. Ill earn more if I can just get a higher ePCM 17. Ive got a great idea for an app but I dont think people will pay for it and I do want to do adverts 18. start with the app 19. build what people will pay for 20. inform entertain provide a service 21. solve a problem 22. solve a hard problem 23. quality matters 24. crash reports, bug tracking & analytics 25. monetization 26. indirectdirect 27. charging 28. fixed costs 29. great app updates support 30. variable costs 31. fixed + variable + margin 32. dev + recurring + margin 33. how much? 34. Availability of substitutes Price of substitutes Necessity Whos paying Brand awareness and respect Relative cost to buyer Perceived production value Culture Device OS Perceived value Perceived lifespan Payment options Seasonality 35. experiment 36. IAP 37. freemium 38. freemium 1 app or 2 39. IAP - easy to experiment 40. engagement & IAP x18 41. IAP beyond the app store 42. paying more than once 43. vary price by platform 44. Yes, support multiple platforms 45. vary price by location 46. piracy 47. piracy accept and embrace 48. phone v tablet 170% 49. vary price over time 50. trials 51. trials help sales 52. time limited functionally limited other? 53. subscriptions 54. most effective revenue model 55. A lesson from charities 56. retention is key 57. build in retention and engagement from the start 58. enterprise pricing 59. indirect monetization 60. advertising 61. most popular revenue model 62. If youre not paying, youre the product 63. If youre users arent willing to pay, perhaps someone will pay for your users 64. seen as simple 65. attention encourage clicks not impact experience 66. when to show 67. placement matters 68. effective integration is key 69. Full screen ads generally generate the more engagement and ultimately more revenue 70. Be prominent but at appropriate breaks and between content 71. banner ads 72. Acquisition Click Engagement Impression Install Lead Mille View 73. optimize for accidental clicking of ads get in the way have lots on screen at once assume its a silver bullet 74. fallback networks 75. cross promotion 76. smart targeting 77. affiliates and referrals 78. sell your own 79. sponsorship 80. games 81. with time with skill with money 82. promotion 83. 5 downloads per month 84. ongoing 85. good marketing will make a bad product fail faster 86. acquisition 87. App store promotion 88. halo effect? 89. merchandising 90. cameos 91. obligatory clichd image