ProductCamp Amsterdam Session 8

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Richard McCarthy: Best Practices in Lead Generation As the pressure to generate more and better quality leads increases, many are turning to new web tools and techniques as the most affordable way to achieve this. This presentation analyses successful lead generation projects carried out at Fiserv in the last 2 years. With multiple websites and web campaigns to manage, find out how new developments on the Web, Flex, and geo-location technology are all being used to improve lead generation results.Prepare to be amazed by some cool products that are having a dramatic impact in how we can monitor customers and prospects today. This will interest all Product Marketers looking to improve sales leads. Product Managers who want to monitor customers and prospects with their new products will also find it interesting. Also anyone interested in FLEX , and geo-location technology.


  • 1. Best Practices in Lead Generation Session #8, 2009www.productcampamsterdam.orgThe first European unconference for product managers and marketers.

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