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PROGRAMMERSA LIGHTNING TALKVOCABikhwanhayat@gmail.comVocabulary of common terms that can be established between programmers and non-programmers alike to achieve better understanding amongst each other and promote a more efficient coordination between the office population.ANALYSIS1& DESIGNPre-coding process. Gathering user requirements, listing down specifications, estimating cost, scheduling tasks. Modeling data structures, modules, interactions, prototyping user interface.Software developers who do not undergo this process areMORONSIts pretty darn important. Else youll be building globs of nonsensical balls of mud.REFACTORING2Process of improving the code structure of a software. Code should be reviewed periodically and refactored accordingly. Strive to achieve stability and better maintenance in the future.Breaking up piles of codes into smaller maintainable pieces. More cohesive module, loosen couplings between functions. Identifies patterns that can be reused.If you dont understand any of those, just trust me its pretty darn important.COMPILING3The act of turning garbled text that you see on the programmers screen into pretty windows and buttons and textboxes that actually works.It might take some time you know to let the compiler do it stuff and such...

But honestly, machines nowadays are so much faster, so compiling shouldnt take much time.(if it does, buy a better machine, add RAM, etc)Its not a good excuse any more, so we resort to other thingsREFACTORINGMACHINES4They are actually computers. We just like to call them machines coz it sounds so much macho that way.THE END.