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2. introductionPROJECTION SCREENS LTD; IMPROVING YOUR IMAGE Time moves on and so does technology. Projection Screens Limited (Pro Screens) has moved projection screen technology toa new level with their range of projection screens. The range includes rear projection screens, dual sided screens,holographic screens, interactive touch screens and rear projection foils. This innovation has been adopted successfullyglobally by companies in a range of sectors who have been looking for the next step in ground-breaking technology thatcould provide them with a cost effective medium for arrange of application areas. Whatever the image, we help you deliver it with impact to its intended audience. Pro Screens will help you satisfy your visualpresentation needs in dynamic fashion THE ADVANTAGES Pro Screens offer advanced projection screen materials that push projection capabilities to new levels. Use this technology to captivate audiences in environments not conductive to traditional large format broadcast platforms.Engage the public with stunning high resolution images and video. Take advantage of unused space and create additionalchannels of communication. Let your creativity flow, design architectural elements that take advantage of HD video or staticimages. Pro Screens screen technology is extremely cost effective in comparison to other screen products. The projection screens aredurable, waterproof, lightweight, easy to install and easily transportable. With their exceptional versatility our screens willperform beautifully wherever you want. And it's all amazingly simple - a projector is mounted either behind or in front of the screen where the image or video of yourchoice is displayed through the projector to your screen, the screen does the rest! All our products can be used with standardor High Definition projectors. . 2 3. markets DIGITAL SIGNAGE / RETAIL DISPLAYDynamic digital signage is the display and management of information using full-motion and full-colour video in retail and various other commercial environments. With digital signage, retail stores can change their advertising content faster, more easily and less expensively compared to using traditional signage. It also gives retail stores the capability to provide regional, local and even site-specific content efficiently and inexpensively.The ever increasing demand for dynamic digital signage has been a key factor in the development of many of Projection Screens technologies, especially for POS, POP and high brightness window displays.CORPORATE / COMMERCIAL AVProjection Screens innovative range of screen technologies enhances communication everywhere; whether in the boardroom or in the classroom or in most public spaces from airports to museums. Technology is transforming our world and customer expectations are greater than ever before. A continual dedication to design and innovation means that Projection Screens have screen solutions that compliment today's modern environments.In a world where effective communication is an essential element to every business, our technology and creativity is set to deliver outstanding results. What ever your visual display requirements Projection Screens can provide the right solution. 3 4. markets LEISURE / ENTERTAINMENT / EXHIBITIONSPro Screens has years of experience in providing world class screen technologies. Whether you are looking to redesign a night club, organise an exhibition or open a new leisure complex. Visual displays are a key component and leave a long lasting impression with your audience. Creating the right impression is paramount to the success of any business or organized event.Pro Screens are recognised industry leaders in cutting edge technology. Providing screen solutions for customers who demand the very best where innovation, design and are without compromise.RETAIL / GLASSPro Screens has used its development skills to enhance retail merchandising. For companies who have a need to be different and a desire for the very latest and innovative technology, image has now become a way of life.Designer screen solutions from Pro Screens provide a whole new concept in visual displays. Pro Screens offers their range of projection screen technologies to inspire any environment. The minimalist look and feel of the technology creates a world where projection screens become an integral part of the retail display.SUITABLE ENVIRONMENTS & APPLICATIONSPoint of Sale RetailBoardroom PresentationsLive Shows Trade Shows Night ClubsTelevision Studios Reception Areas Shopping Malls AV Rentals Window Displays MuseumsAirports Exhibitions Home Theatre Theatre Sports Arenas CasinosGymnasiums Entertainment EventsSports Bars Hotel Lobbies Restaurants 4 5. reversa rigid screensECLIPSE IIECLIPSE IVECLIPSE V HIGH GAIN CLARITYPRO SCREENS MANUFACTURINGPro Screens manufacture a complete range of acrylic diffusion screens for every rear projection application. Each screen is designed to fulfill the most demanding environments.WHAT IS REAR PROJECTION?Rear Projection means that the projector is placed behind the screen, shooting straight forward towards the audience. The screen technology controls the light path and distributes bright, sharp images into a predefined viewing zone. Rear projection from Pro Screens means using a number of very unique screen technologies to recreate images that are up to 10 times brighter and sharper than traditional projection screens. Pro Screens screens use light so effectively that they allow you to project large images in brightly lit environments both indoors and outdoors.WHY USE THE REVERSA RANGE OF DIFFUSION SCREENS?Pro Screens diffusion technology is not the same as a traditional screen. It is an advanced optical substrate which enables you to control the projected image more efficiently, capturing and diffusing light at all angles.BENEFITS OF REAR PROJECTION? Projection equipment is hidden behind the screen ? cast over the screen from a presenter or the audience No shadows ? Up to 10 times the brightness ? uniformity without hot-spots Perfect image ? Superior contrast and resolution (improved black levels) ? Wide viewing angles with no critical angle of projection ? Greater performance in high ambient light ? for window and outdoor applications Can be used ? with all LCD/DLP/DMD projectors Compatible 5 6. technologyPro Screens rigid screen range are made of an extruded acrylic that contains special diffuser (DF) beads. These give thematerial its satin surfaces and intensive translucency, properties that offer unique application potential. The benefits offeredby the Reversa screen make it particularly suitable: ? of shop fitting, trade fair booths and command & control centres, as well as for high-quality P-O-S displaysIn the areas? surface is less sensitive to scratching and is virtually indestructibleBecause its?As the material can be machined, bonded and thermoformed without any problem, leaving the matt surface intact! Diffuser beads are spherical polymer particles that are "embedded" in the Reversa screen without being visible. They show aspecific difference in light refraction (refractive index) as compared with competitive screens. Each of the spherical polymerparticles therefore deflects impinging light rays in a special way, toward the service side. As a result, hardly any light isreflected or absorbed, i.e. the Reversa screen offers extraordinary high light transmission paired with superlative lightdiffusion. REAR PROJECTION DIAGRAMLIGHT IS DIFFUSED IN ALL DIRECTIONS 6 7. rigid screens ECLIPSE II - REAR PROJECTION SCREENECLIPSE IV - REAR PROJECTION SCREENIs designed for the superior projection environment such asThe Eclipse IV with a double sided matt surface and a thickness of Control Rooms and Retail Windows where the most demanding4mm, a gain of 5.8 and a vision angle of 175 degrees makes this clarity and contrast are required. This provides an extraordinaryscreen ideal for ultra bright environments. With an ultra wide contrast ratio of 200:1 with a gain of 5.0 and a viewing angle ofviewing angle and a no HOT SPOT guarantee when using with 175 degrees. short throw projectors. ECLIPSE V - REAR PROJECTION SCREENDesigned with a one side reflective surface to imitate LCD and Plasma in large format, reverse side non reflective matt, designed with HD in mind and perfect for home cinema.4mm thick and a gain of 5.8 and a 175 degree angle it is one of the brightest screens on the market today and is available up to 3m x 2m and can be joined seamless in a purpose built frame to make bigger sized screens. 7 8. rigid screens HI GAIN - REAR PROJECTION SCREEN CLARITYThe Hi Gain Screen has a gain of 7.9, a 165 degree viewing The Reversa Clarity is the cost effective holographic rear angle and a half gain angle of 45 degrees. The screen is projection screen with 85% transparency for point-of-sale extremely tolerant to ambient light making the screen an ideal applications in retail stores, window displays, airports, banks and medium for use inside retail outlets: i.e. at point of sale, in pubs other high traffic areas. and bars or inside any public area.Available in sizes up to 3m x 2m with a thickness of 3mm, a gain The Reversa High Gain screen is an opalescent, milky-white of 5 and a tremendous viewing angle of 170 degrees. The result is translucent material, thus producing extreme light transmission. a remarkably bright and clear image - even in brightly litenvironments. The transparent display allows viewers to look atand see through the screen. 8 9. film screensAURA 360 AURA HIGH CONTRAST Possibly the most significant product launched by Reversa in the Ideal for all applications whether it be in front, rear, convex orlast two years, Ideal for ALL applications, Front, Rear, Convex, concave, Flexible and waterproof film fabric screen allowing dualConcave; the possibilities are endless. The Aura 360 film is a front and rear projection with no hot spot guaranteed.flexible dual front AND rear projection screen on a resistive nonsensitive surface. The Aura 360 has an accumulative gain of 20 The most portable screen in its range; can be rolled up and movedand has an astounding genuine 180 degree horizontal andto other sites over and over again. It can also be used with a framevertical viewing angle, Independent of projection angle. or suspension kit. At only 0.5mm thickness, gain of 4 and a vision angle of 180 degrees, it is ideal for all applications such as retailThe Aura 360 is very portable, just roll and go. It can be installed store, window displays, etc.into a mechanism or with a suspension kit. Only 0.25mm thick,available in 10m x 1.24m and can be joined seamless to makelarger sizes.AURA OUTDOOR The outdoor is a white flexible rear projection film screen that isideal for external use even with direct sunlight. Available in cut sizes or rolls of 10m x 1.524m with a huge gainand a viewing angle of 150 degrees and contrast ratio of 200:1,Self adhesive allowing quick and easy installation. 9 10. film screensAURA DARK AURA ICE A revolutionary new rear projection screen which has been The Aura Ice has been specially designed for exterior installations,developed specifically for window applications and outdoorto see its true quality the screen must be used in direct sunlight.events. This unique screen technology has a special louveredAvailable in cut sizes or rolls of 10m x 1.524m with a tremendousoptical filter which deflects external light to provide bright, sharp gain of 6, viewing angle of 180 degrees and contrast ratio ofand crystal clear images in daylight conditions. This is projection 200:1. Can be installed directly onto glass using a transparentscreen technology that will perform in direct sunlight. spray mount adhesive. Aura Dark eliminates the problems caused by external light andreflection making it ideal for both store windows and externaldisplay.CLARITY FILM The Clarity Film is a rear projection holographic film with 88%transparency and only 0.1mm thick with a self-adhesive backingallowing easy installation where a rigid screen is not possible. Available in rolls of up to 100 meters, a height of 1.5 meters, witha gain of 5 and a viewing angle of 150 degrees. The result is aremarkably bright and clear image - even in brightly litenvironments. Thetransparent display allows viewers to look at and see through thefilm screen.10 11. touch screens INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGYSimple to install, Interactive rear projection system ideal for retail window displays, showrooms, classrooms and more. Any of the Reversa screen range including holographic, Aura and Eclipse can be selected, dependent upon the application requirements.Position of accuracy is approximately 3mm absolute, 1mm relative. No drift. Standard screens sizes are 30-100 inch (4:3) and 30 - 116 inch (16:9), other sizes can be made on request.THROUGH GLASS TOUCHSCREENSWhat makes Pro Screens clear glass interactive touch screens so special is that they can be used for through window applications. Imagine turning your store window into a touch screen display - the screen is positioned up close to the window and activated by touching the external glass, imagine the possibilities. Customers can access information on products and services day and night (24/7), with the ability to switch the screen clear whey you want to see into the store. 11 12. accessories complementsPSL 25 DESKTOP DEMONSTRATORIdeal for demonstration purposes, this unit combines a choice of any of our screens in a lightweight aluminium frame and weighing less than 5kg can be easily transported to meetings or demonstrations to allow the user to create astounding high contrast images quickly to the smaller audiences.This product has also been designed with the needs of the fast paced sales representative in mind and can be carried onto most commercial aircraft as hand luggage in the carrying case included. The frame can also be powder coated to match your clients' corporate colours if required.CUSTOM STAND DESIGNSPSL offers a wide range of stand designs for different display applications exhibitions, conferences, presentations, product launches, POS displays, etc . Our stands can be made in a range of various materials such including aluminium and acrylicSUSPENSION KITS & EXTRUSION BARSThe kit comprises of strong suspension wires, screen clips and mounting units for wall or ceiling fixtures. For all our screen sizes over 50 Pro Screens recommend the use of aluminium extrusion bars to prevent the screen from bowing. The suspension kit and extrusion bars are available on request.FRAMESPro Screens offers a range of frames to add that finishing touch to the screen. The frames can be made in aluminium and / or acrylic and can be finished in a range of colours to match any corporate image or colour scheme. Frames are custom made to order. 12 13. specialised solutionsMIRRORED SCREENSPro Screens mirror technology is an eye-catching finish to any of our screen display applications to create a screen with a difference. When the projector is switched on, images appear like magic through the mirrored surface in high resolution; when the projector is switched off the screen surface reverts back to being a mirror.Pro Screens mirror technology also works with other image surfaces such as LCD and Plasma TV screens and are available up to 8ft x 4ft or custom sizes as required. MIRROR RIGSPro Screens can engineer a range of rear projection mirror rigs for those wanting to project large, bright and crisp images in the minimum amount of space.A simple construction of an optical mirror, aluminium or steel frame, projector mount and all interconnecting framework, makes them cost effective and easy to install. Our mirror rigs can be built into a wall or partition the ultimate large screen display. Mirror rigs are custom made to order.TRUCKS AND TRAILERSUsing a combination of specially designed mirror systems and Pro Screens advanced screen technologies means that mobile screen media solutions for trucks and trailers are possible.High resolution video projection screens for advertising and entertainment provide a low cost alternative to LED technology, making them the ideal choice for all kinds of outdoor events concerts, sports events, trade shows, outside broadcasts, parties, etc. 13 14. dealer services SERVICESPro Screens worldwide network of dealers and distributors provide customers with a complete range of services and facilities to meet their specific requirements. In a world where effective communication is essential to every business we look forward to working with you, utilising technology and creativity to deliver out standing solutions.Our dealers and distributors work directly with AV installers / integrators, IT companies, education specialists, manufacturers, rental / hire companies, construction companies, architects and designers to provide innovative display solutions for business.Pro Screens also offer OEM services to assist other screen manufacturers and designers to utilise our technology to re brand products under their own nameSERVICES? Consultancy ? Bespoke designs ?solutions Complete ? Global logistics ?support Technical 14 15. screen reference guideEclipse II Eclipse IV Eclipse V High GainClarityAura 360 Aura HC Aur a Dark Aura Outdoor A ur a IceClarity FilmScreen Colourcharcoal dark grey dark grey opaqueclear 85% whitegrey charcoalwhiteultra whitecl ear 88%Rigid--- - --Semi Rigid--- - - -- - --Flexible--- - --Thickness 0.1mm --- - ----Thickness 0.25mm--- - - -- - --Thickness 0.5mm --- - -- - --Thickness 3mm----- - --Thickness 4mm - - ---- - --HEIGHT 1240mm (4ft) --- - - -- - --HEIGHT 1524mm (5ft) --- - ---HEIGHT 2030mm (6.66 ft)--- - --HEIGHT 3000mm (11.8ft)--- - -- - - --WIDTH 3000mm (9.84ft)--- - --WIDTH 10/30m (32.8-98.43 ft)--- - -Film (No Adhesive)--- - -Film (Adhesive backed)--- - ---- -Rear ProjectionFront Projection--- - -- - --Dual Sided Projection --- - -- - --High Gain --- - ---Mid Contrast--- - ---High Contrast - -- - --Matt/Matt surface -- --Matt/Reflective surface --- - -- -For Indoor use - - - -For Outdoor use -- --For Direct Sunlight use --- - ---- --No Hotspot- -Short Throw CompatibleNon Critical Projection Angle 15 16. UK HEAD OFFICE UNIT E2 HANSON PARK, HANSON CLOSE MIDDLETON, MANCHESTER, M24 2QZ UK SALES: 0044 844 984 0712 INTERNATIONAL SALES: 0034 951 274 740www.proscreensltd.com - [email protected] STRATEGIC PARTNERSLONDON - TOKYO - MOSCOW - LISBON - WARSAW - MADRID - VALLETTA MUMBAI - TORONTOHELSINKI - LARNACA - QUITO - CARACAS - KINGSTON - CAPETOWN - GLASGOW - BOGATAFORT LAUDERDALE - HOUSTON