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Bulk SMS marketing has become one of the most popular marketing strategies. Are you interested in knowing more? Read the presentation and find the advantages of bulk SMS marketing.


  • 1. SMS marketing is the personalized and effective method of direct marketing. It gives marketers the opportunity to reach their customers anywhere at any time thus making the marketing process most effective. Fast: SMS marketing gives you the opportunity to reach a large number of people at the same time. Taking no time it enables you to concentrate in other areas of your business rather than spending too much time on marketing. Short and Informative: SMS are often restricted to 160 characters. This is ideal to convey your message to the customer in a short and clear way. Cost-Effective: When compared to conventional marketing methods, bulk SMS marketing is considered to be the more inexpensive method. Implementing this strategy can save a huge amount spent on traditional marketing methods. Reliable: Delivery of your SMS to customers is always ensured in SMS services. Also SMS has no barriers and need not deal against any filters or spam unlike E-mail. For reliable and affordable bulk SMS marketing for business promotions Visit: Address: 404 B Saeed Tower II Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai UAE. Tel No.: +971-4-5010369 Fax No.: (971) 4 3544496