Promoting perfection

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March 2012 Vogue cover featuring Adele causes controversey. This is just one of the many retouched photos published by the media, a problem that has been increasing over the last decade.

Text of Promoting perfection

  • 1. What are the consequences ofpromoting perfection?

2. Recently, much controversy has surroundedthe Vogue cover featuring6 time Grammy award winner, Adele. 3. Adele is well knownfor her positive self-imageand the comfort she feels with her body. 4. This very confidence, in conjunction withher speculative retouchedcover photo,has been the cause of much upset. 5. This is onlyone exampleof what has grown into ahuge problemwith the media. 6. average girls 7. idolize 8. celebrities 9. Celebrities are naturally blessed withabove averagebeauty 10. Magazines and ad campaignsrun photo shootsand retouch the pictures 11. transforming above average beauty into flawless beauty 12. When these retouched photos fall into the handsof thoseaverage girls 13. unrealisticthese photos set an standard for beauty that no human being can possibly meet. - John Hawkins 14. 81% of 10 year oldsare afraid of becoming overweight Afraid of becoming fat Not concerned with weight 15. 72% of 7 year olds are dieting Dieting Not dieting 16. Research shows that young girls would rather bedead than fat 17. The media hassinglehandedly changedsocietys perception of beauty 18. The beauty industry has become a$160 billion-a-year global industry 19. Aiming for perfectionhas caused increasing evidence of Self-image problemsEating disorders Low self-confidence 20. Perfection isnt beautiful. 21. Bibliography 22. Photography Credits,r:14,s:0,i:176&tx=98&ty=31,r:24,s:21,i:168&tx=74&ty=74,r:23,s:0,i:183 23. Jen Tierney Ethics in CommunicationAimee Knight