Promoting your event with social media

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Tips and tools for promoting your event using Social Media

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  • AgendaPlanning Social Media Strategy What are the goals? Who is the audience? What to say, when & where?Promote & Communicate Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Foursquare YouTubeMeasure your success Keep the conversation going Collect post-event feedback Did you meet the objectives? Copyright 2011 Constant Contact Inc. 2
  • Planning A promotional social media strategy contains: Clearly defined goals Target audiences Selected social media tools (Remember: you may not have to use all of them) Measurement of success Remember that a tool is not a plan or strategy; Strategy is about the communication and the conversation. Communication What will the event be Tools about? Social Networks Who will be there? Why is the event important? YouTube Video Location-based apps Conversation Do not miss it! Email At this years event Hear them speak 3
  • PlanningWhat are the goals of promoting the event through social media? Increase attendance/ticket sales. Establish/increase customer loyalty. Attract new customers/followers.We know you want people to come, but Are your desired attendees engaging on social media? Do your speakers and sponsors have a social presence? Do you have the time communicate in all the networks? How do you measure the impact? What will the event messaging be? 4
  • PlanningWho is your audience? Make a list of your social networks. Begin by promoting to those you know. Find out what social networks your sponsors and speakers are active in, and encourage them to promote the event. Get them to share the event information on their networks. Politely ask your followers to share on their networks.Let your speakers networks and attendees create the buzz! Copyright 2011 Constant Contact Inc. 5
  • PlanningWhat to say when & where? Like any topic, content is king, so each post must be compelling. Each communication should be unique and offer new info or insight. There are lots of great things about your event and you dont want to say them all at once; stagger your promotional content. You want to create a steady stream of content that people will consume and share on and across their social networks. Get started on social media with Social Media Quickstarter: Copyright 2011 Constant Contact Inc. 6
  • Promote and CommunicateUse communications on social networks to create awareness and enthusiasm to attend. Copyright 2011 Constant Contact Inc. 8
  • Using FacebookFacebook offers many tools to help with planning the event and creating awareness to attend.Before the event: Try asking a question with Facebook Questions to learn what attendees are interested in. Post updates to create awareness of guest speakers and incorporate links to their site. Post information about topics that will be discussed. Provide date, time and location of event in posts. Use Facebook Places: Simply add location to your Event or Page. Copyright 2011 Constant Contact Inc. 9
  • Share your events on FacebookIts easy and fast to build buzz online with the EventMarketing Facebook app. Promote your Published event details on Talk with registrants on Facebook let Facebook as well as your event homepage. them comment or like your posts. Register attendees from your Facebook page Share the details of your event on anytime using our easy registration tool. Facebook and respond to questions. Copyright 2011 Constant Contact Inc. 10
  • Using FacebookDuring the event: Use live updates to mention booth contests, fun activities and share pictures. In each post, share any links or materials of the guest speakers. Include pictures of any guest speakers or attendees. Encourage attendees to share or comment during the event on Facebook via mobile. Copyright 2011 Constant Contact Inc. 11
  • Using FacebookAfter the event: Share images and videos from the event. Ask people to tag themselves are you in our photo album? Include a link to a post-event poll or use Facebook Questions to get feedback. Begin promoting the next event. Copyright 2011 Constant Contact Inc. 12
  • Using Twitter Use Twitter to create a place online for conversations about the event.Before the event: Create a #hashtag for the event. Thank each sponsor for the contribution theyve provided. Include their handles in the tweet . Use updates to: Create awareness of guest speakers. Incorporate links to their site. Announce whos attending and include their Twitter handle. Tweet information about topics that will be discussed. Copyright 2011 Constant Contact Inc. 13
  • Using TwitterDuring the event: Encourage attendees to tweet about what they are experiencing during the event under the event #hashtag. People who are interested and could not make it can be part of event following a Twitter feed. Encourage attendees to post photos and videos from mobile devices to Twitter with tools like Twitpic. Add Twitter handles to name tags (as appropriate).As of Dec 2010, 27% of all mobile phones are smartphones, by end of 2011 over 50% will be smartphones. -ComScores 2010 Mobile Year in ReviewTwitter has 165 Million Users 50% of them use Twitter Mobile., Mobile by the Numbers Copyright 2011 Constant Contact Inc. 14
  • Using TwitterAfter the event: Thank attendees and sponsors. Via the #hashtag. Include their handle. Review the #hashtag for insight into conversations about the event. Ask attendees a question through the #hashtag. What was the most useful thing you learned/saw at the event? Send a thank you tweet (@) to everyone who engaged with the event on Twitter. Copyright 2011 Constant Contact Inc. 15
  • Using LinkedInJoin LinkedIn GroupsWhat Groups should you be in? Join Groups where your potential attendees are. Members Industry Topic If no group exists, consider creating a LinkedIn Group and start the conversation. Be active in the group, do not just use it for event promotion. Ask questions in the group. Follow up with those who posted. Answer questions asked of you. 16
  • Using LinkedIn To promote the event: Promote your event in your profile and on your updates. Include a link to the event website and #hashtag. Prove the value of attending by sharing information about event topics and speakers. Invite your connections in LinkedIn. Provide the event #hashtag and Twitter handles of guest speakers. Understand your connections through InMap: Post event notification inside of LinkedIn Groups youre active in. Provide information to attend and include event #hashtag. Copyright 2011 Constant Contact Inc. 17