Putting the Smart Grid into Perspective

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Learn how Oracles and Echelons market-leading, proven and open-standard solutions for utilities can help you to achieve your 2020 goals. Learn about: -Customers who have deployed smart meters can reduce operating expenses by 25% or more -Software can keep customer data secure and reliably deliver the information utilities and customers need, when they need it -Utilities can achieve better reliability, prevent service disruptions and outages while protecting revenue with next generation technology from Oracle and Echelon


<ul><li> 1. Putting the Smart Grid into PerspectiveSebastien SchikoraBastian FischerEchelon Utilities DivisionOracle Utilities Global Business UnitDirector, Utility Product ManagementVice President Industry StrategyWebCast Wednesday, November 16th 2011</li></ul> <p> 2. Safe HarborThe following is intended to outline our generalproduct direction. It is intended for informationpurposes only, and may not be incorporated into anycontract. It is not a commitment to deliver anymaterial, code, or functionality, and should not berelied upon in making purchasing decisions.The development, release, and timing of anyfeatures or functionality described for Oraclesproducts remains at the sole discretion of Oracle. 3. Agenda Overview market conditions and key priorities Interoperability through standards and strategic alliances ORACLEs Smart Grid Gateway pre-build integration ECHELONs NES System reaching the edge Q&amp;A and Next Steps 4. Agenda Overview market conditions and key priorities Interoperability through standards and strategic alliances ORACLEs Smart Grid Gateway pre-build integration ECHELONs NES System reaching the edge Q&amp;A and Next Steps 5. EU 20/20/20 The drivers for Smart Energy20% more renewable Energy 20% reduction of CO2 Emissions 20% higher Energy Efficiency Substantial Increase of Green Energy about 35% of installed capacity New Electricity Applications Heat pumps, EVs, Storage, VPPs Demand Side Management adapting demand to volatile generation Reconfiguration of High, Mid and Low Voltage Networks New Energy Highways, New Network Power Balancing Monitoring and active control of bidirectional load flow Embedded and distributed Optimization and Decision MakingENERGY WORLD 2020Choices, Green, Efficient, Electric, Volatile, Supply driven, Data 6. Dimensions of the Smart Energy Universe Integration of Renewable Information Management and Alternative Generation T&amp;D Network Infrastructure for Monitoring and Dialogue HVDC and FACTS Interoperability Distribution Automation ICT Customer Interface Communication and Cyber Security Electric VehiclesMobility Plug-in Hybrid ElectricVehicles for V2GSMART GRID Utility Storage Renewable EnergyStorage StorageSource: Frost &amp; Sullivan EVs Demand Response Smart AppliancesPeople Smart Thermostats Energy Monitor Smart Meter PolicyGovernance Legislation Planning Infrastructure Provision 7. Smart Meter Deployments in Europe Number of Electricity Meters (Domestic + I&amp;C)GBMalta 1. Remote reading of metrological register(s) and provision to CyprusLuxembourg designated market organization(s)DE EstoniaSlovenia2. Two-way communication between the metering system and Latviadesignated market organization(s) Lithuania FRRep. of Ireland 3. Meter supporting advanced tariffing and payment systemsNorw aySw itzerland4. Meter allowing remote disablement and enablement of supplyITFinlandDenmark 5. Secure communication enabling the smart meter to exportCountrySlovakia metrological data for display and analysis to the consumer AustriaBulgaria6. Meter providing information via portal / gateway to an in-home ESSw eden Belgium / building display or auxiliary equipment Czech Rep. 7. Enabling secure communication of AMI components withPortugal Greecedevices or gateways within the home/building forHungaryNetherlandsRomania energy efficiency and demand side management services Over 60% of all 270mTurkeyPolandSpainUK Smart Meters are inItalyFrance Germany only 5 Countries Source: Engage ConsultingLegend:0 10 2030405060 Over 85% of all 270m : Roll-out fully accomplishedMillions : No full scale Roll-out yetSmart Meters need to be rolled out 8. Agenda Overview market conditions and key priorities Interoperability through standards and strategic alliances ORACLEs Smart Grid Gateway pre-build integration ECHELONs NES System reaching the Edge Q&amp;A and Next Steps 9. ESNA is a global, not-for-profit association of utilities and solution suppliers to promote and to expand the adoption of Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) architecture and infrastructurefor secured, reliable and cost-effectiveautomatic meter management, Billing, CRM and CIS Installation Metering/Data BillingRevenueOperation ManagementCRMprotectionSeptember 2011From Smart Meters to Smart Grids, as Service for Consumers9 10. OSGP Backed By Industry LeadersMaking the Grid Future Proof 11. Benefits of OSGP OSGP is the Open Smart Grid Protocol Lays a framework for the smart grid, not just smart meters Open to all vendors, all applications (No blocking patents, No royalties) Recognized as an interoperable standard by the EU Smart Metering Mandate, M441 Brings choice to the market and investment protection for utilities Gives utilities a choice of suppliers like Echelon and Oracle Allows utilities to chose from many different device types Avoid vendor lock-in Brings high-performance and reliability TODAY Most proven, highest reliability solution available today (&gt; 99.8%) 12. Open standard interfaces between IT applications &amp; different AMIsCIS Prepay ReportingEMS OutageCRM Home EnergyBilling ServicesHome managementServicesOpen standard Application Interface Internet TCP/IPOSGPOSGP Different Automatic Meter InfrastructuresSeptember 2011 From Smart Meters to Smart Grids, as Service for Consumers 12 13. Agenda Overview Market conditions and key priorities Interoperability through Standards and Strategic alliances ORACLEs Smart Grid Gateway pre-build integration ECHELONs NES Platform reaching the edge Q&amp;A and Next Steps 14. Paradigm for a successful Smart Grid implementation Open Standards-Based ArchitectureMore MoreMore Value, LessChoice, Flexibility, ComplexityLess RiskLess Cost 2011 Oracle Corporation Proprietary and Confidential 15. Oracles Smart Grid GatewayThe link between mission-critical systems and the equipmentthat powers themCustomer Meter DataGridSmartSmart Smart GridMeterDeviceSensor 16. What Utilities Do Today Limited automation built through direct integration toMDM, CIS, Implement vendor specific data management,governance and business process procedures Outsource the communication to devices Focus on pilots and C&amp;I customers 17. Challenges Utilities are Facing Automation will continue toaccelerate Focus on ALL customers residential and C&amp;I Regulators seek action on smartgrid and smart meteringinitiatives Emerging challenges electricvehicles, virtual power plants,distributed generation Pressure to improve smart gridproject ROI Data Management andGovernance more criticalas more data introduced 18. Device Communication What Happens NowHome or BusinessNetwork Outage Management Smart Appliances Outage Detectionand HAN Outage Verification Rooftop Solar Outage Restoration Meter Sensors Plug-in HybridVehiclesCIS Connect/Disconnects Meter Status Checks On-demand reads CPP, Real-time pricing Pre-paid MetersDemandMeter DataAsset ManagementManagementManagement Device configuration Curtailment Usage Failure/fault notification Load control Eventsdevice notification VEE State verification Remote Commands 19. Device Communication With Smart Grid Gateway Home or Business Smart Appliances and HAN Rooftop Solar Meter Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles Device and Head EndException Management Filtering/Governance System ManagementCommand ManagementStandardized AMI ProcessesAutomated Retry, Expiration and TrackingNetwork and OutageAssetMeter DataDemand CIS Management ManagementManagementManagement 20. Key Take-Aways of the Smart Grid Gateway Built to enable all devices not just meters Centralized Device Single point of device control facilitating interoperability Limits data duplication and noise Communication and Common exception handling, and tracking consistent across applications Management Centralized data broker Enables standard business processes independent of device vendor Single, auditable link between all devices and business processes Business Process Productized integration between SGG/MDM &amp; CCB Management On demand reads validated using MDM VEE configuration Common Platform provides foundation for future integrations CC&amp;B (Service Orders), WAM, MWM, Productized and Supported Solution Productized New commands inherit command execution framework functionality Commands initiated from SGG/MDM user interfaceCommunication Easily configured to execute via CCB Same functionality available from SGG or MDM user interfacePlatform For example, In home display commands can be added to framework 2011 Oracle Corporation Proprietary and Confidential 21. Agenda Overview Market conditions and key priorities Interoperability through Standards and Strategic alliances ORACLEs Smart Grid Gateway pre-build integration ECHELONs NES Platform reaching the edge Q&amp;A and Next Steps 22. Introducing Echelon Energy Control Networking for the Smart Grid Proven, Open Standard, Multi-Application MarketGlobalFieldPassionate Maker InnovatorProvenCustomers &gt;20&gt;100&gt;100M &gt;1,000yearspatents smartcustomersdevicesFirst Energy Control HQ Silicon Plant-to-PlugCommercial, Network Valleysolutions Utilities 23. The NES System Powered By Echelons COS Platform:The Operating System for the Smart GridDevices Installed in the Field: IEC Smart Meters Edge Control Nodes Control Point Module for OSGPdevices and developersSoftware for the Utility: NES System Software NES Element Manager Oracle Smart Grid Gateway Echelon was Named 2011 European Smart Meter Market Leader 24. Echelon and Oracle Help Utilities Move from Manual Billing to Automated ResponseEchelon and Oracle VisionAutomated In-home &amp; Self-healingManual Automated On demand PreventativeBillings BillingUsageResponse 25. Why Utilities Choose Echelons NES Platform?Proven OpenMulti- StandardApplication 26. Echelons Field Proven ReliabilityCustomerReliability Load ProfileReadings # of Meters DataTested99 100%Extended Hourly600,000* 99.7 100%Extended Hourly 200,000 99.7 100% FifteenExtended170,000 Minute 99.7 100%Extended Hourly50,000 *tests conducted on a pilot sample of the total number of meters 27. 99.7- 100% Reliability Delivered by EchelonReduced Customer Complaints at SEAS NVE 28. The Business CaseThe business case:Total investment 439 Mio DDKRepayment:10.7 yearsOperating cost: 12,3 Mio DDK/yearSaving on operation 45.8 DDK/yearSavings:Reading of meter data 35%Meter accuracy39%Optimized operation &amp; monitoring17%IT systems 9% Source: Eltel Networks 29. Echelons NES System is OSGP-compatible OSGP-compatible meters and devices brings choice to themarket and investment protection for utilities Allows utilities to chose from many different device types Helps utilities avoid vendor lock-in Our ecosystem of development partners provides endlessapplications and continuous value Our corporate strategy is to help other vendors of smart metersand grid devices implement interoperable solutions 30. Because Were Open, Your Investment Stretches Farther 31. Join Leading Utilities Already On the Journey toReaching their 2020 Requirements Co Achieved a returnon $8M saved annually600,000 smartdue to remote meter meters installed; high investment in 4readings and $2M saved customer satisfaction with years: invested 2.2Bannually in network andEuro and earn 500M Euro communication costs remote controlper yearFrom plant to plug: Smart street lighting,Customerresidential demand satisfaction response and smart 10% increase in customer sat in 1yr.increased 26% and metering complaints reduced with370,000 smartmeters 32. We chose the NES System three years ago because itwas the only solution that was designed to make thegrid itself more intelligent and capable. In the intervening three years, no other system has beenable to match the reliability, flexibility and expandabilityof the Echelon NES system. Fredrich Eidenberger, CEO LINZ STROMDeploying 275,000 Echelon NES smart meters from 2007 - 2012 33. Agenda Overview Market conditions and key priorities Interoperability through Standards and Strategic alliances ORACLEs Smart Grid Gateway pre-build integration ECHELONs NES System reaching the edge Q&amp;A and Next Steps 34. Q&amp;A and Next StepsSEBASTIEN SCHIKORADirector, Utility Product ManagementBASTIAN FISCHEREchelon Corporation Utilities Global Business UnitVice President Industry StrategyTel: +1 408 790 3211Cell:+1 408 888 0419Tel:+33 1 57 60 84 78sschikora@echlon.comCell: +33 6 37 23 33 94www.echelon.com bastian.fischer@oracle.com2011 European Market Leader5550 Meridian Avenue, San JoseCalifornia 95126 Utilities Global Business Unit Portes de la Dfense,15 bd Charles de Gaulle Europe Middle East Africa92715 Colombes Cedex, France 35. Thank You for Attending!All attendees will receive by email: Link to the recorded webcast An Oracle Echelon solution brief Copy of the slides in PDF format 36. 36 </p>