Re-Charge Classroom Instruction with Google Sites - TCEA 2015

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Re-Charge Classroom Instruction with Google Sites

Re-Charge Classroom Instruction with Google SitesPresented by Diana Benner

Director of Professional Benner

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Examine how to get started with creating your own websiteusing Google Sites

Identify resources and contentto put on your websiteObjectivesExplore the benefits of having your own classroom website

3 Session Resources

4Getting To Know YouComplete this form: Build A School In A Cloud?Sugata Mitra: Build a School in the Cloud TED Talk Why Use Google Sites? Flipped Resources Parent Information Classroom Lessons Homework Calendar Who Will Visit Your Site?ParentsCommunityColleaguesStudentsSubstitutesadministrationFamily & Friends How could you use Google Sites?

Answer Here: 13Design Matters Pay Attention to Design Pay Attention to Design Are You Ready To Create Your Own Site?Learn Today, Use Tomorrow

Challenge YourselfLearn Today, Use TomorrowCreate a Site using the Blank TemplateTry creating a new pageTry using the Side Bar, Horizontal Navigation, or both.Try using an image as a background or bannerUse Color Scheme Designer to pick a color palette for your Site

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What will you take back to your campus/district after this session and how will it be used? Questions 20The Learning Goes On

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follow me on twitter@diben27Session ResourcesUsing Google Sites as Classroom Hubs a Wrapper Image Google Sites Website Design Sites for Teacher Pages