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  • 1.Marriage and Divorce Trends in America A Lesson on research questions and gathering information.

2. Selecting a Topic

  • For this assignment your topic has been selected for you.
  • You should first turn your topic into a question.
    • This will guide your search for information.
    • Example research questions
      • How has the number of divorces in America changed in the past 10 years?
      • What are some of the causes of divorce in America?

3. Research Questions

  • Answer question #1 on the handout.

4. Researching the Topic

  • Internet searches
  • Interviews
  • Newspapers
  • Magazine or journal articles

5. Research Question

  • Internet resources require critical examination.
    • .org and .edu resources are generally reliable.
    • .com requires closer scrutiny
    • Dont forget the public library

6. Researching the Topic

  • Conduct an internet search for your research question.
  • Choose one article that you will use to write your report.
  • Respond to #2 on your handout.

7. Gathering Information

  • Helpful Hints
    • Write in fragments.
    • Write facts and key ideas only.
    • Write notes that answer your research question.

8. Gathering Information

  • Were almost finished for today.
    • Respond to #3a and #3b on your handout.
    • Submit your handout.