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Scaling Product Experimentation

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#atlassiansummitZANE SALIM SENIOR TECHNICAL PM TWITTER @ZANESScaling Product Experimentation with JIRA and ConfluenceNOTES:

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1. Place your photo at around the same size as the example photo

2. (Keynote users:) Move your photo onto the blue shape below Select both photo and shape and then choose Mask with selected shape from the menu. Double click the photo to edit the scale and crop position.\Technology is disrupting companies faster than ever

Average lifetime of a fortune 500 company was 75 years a century ago.. And has dropped to less than 15 years.. Trending to 5 yearsCompanies that stop innovating fizzle fast How are you innovating? NOTES:

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1. Our approach @twitter

2. Challenges at scale

3. How we scaled

4. What got better

5. Final takeaways

1. Our approach @Twitter

@Twitter we innovate through experimentationNOTES:

If you want to divide your talk into chapters, use this slide for Chapter titles

Anyone can launch an experimentUnleashes creativityDrives user insights at scale100s every quarterExperimentation is the new black

and the old black

Both refinement and exploration

Example: which drives more clicks?

Example: which drives more retention?

2. Challenges at scaleVisibilityLearningCollaborationRigor3. How we scaledCOMMON JIRA WORKFLOW FOR COLLABORATIONLifecycle of an Experiment

Lifecycle of an Experiment in JIRA

Lifecycle of an Experiment in JIRA


Confluence: Experiment Brief Templates

Confluence: Experiment Brief TemplatesExperiment BriefExperiment Write-upRetrospective AnalysisDescribe the problemDescribe the experimentPresent retrospective analysisDefine a hypothesisPresent the resultsPresent the resultsDesign the experimentOffer take-awaysOffer take-awaysConfluence: Reviewed Experiments & Learning

HYPOTHESIS TREESVisualizing Focus Areas & Insights

4. What got betterDoubled completed experimentsReduced cycle time up to 50%Learning org smarter experiments5. Final takeawaysExperimentation drives innovationCollaboration & learning essentialSmart use of tools can make you 4x more effectiveThank you!