Security and Privacy in Mobile Cloud Computing

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Based on a paper on the same name. Security and Privacy in Mobile Cloud Computing


  • 1. Security and Privacy in MobileCloud ComputingGanesh Arkalgud(1RV11IS021)Ram Kumar K R(1RV11IS042)Mohammed Ehab(1RV11IS032)Original paper by:Hui SuoZhuohua LiuJiafuWanKeliang Zhou

2. Introduction Advantages of cloud computing1. On-demand self service2. Extendibility What is mobile cloud computing? 3. Products offered in mobile cloud segment Android OS. LiveMesh. iCloud. 4. Factors affecting growth of mobile cloud segment Battery life dependencies. Limited resources of mobile devices. Wireless bandwidth and delay. Security of mobile cloud devices. Limited calculation speed. 5. Model ofMobile CloudComputing 6. SECURITY AND PRIVACY ISSUES IN MOBILECLOUDCOMPUTING 7. Mobile terminal security issues Mobile Terminal.1. Open source OS2. Third party software3. Malware Software vulnerabilities1. Data transfer with phone andcomputer using FTP. Mis-operation without knowledge. 8. Mobile Network Security1. Phone service.2. SMS.3. Wi-fi4. Bluetooth etc., 9. Mobile Cloud Platform Reliabilitysusceptible to being attacked with DOS Data and Privacy Protectionownership and management of the users' dataTo protect the sensitive data, the single means is not enough. We needa complete security solution to protect the data security and privacy ofusers. 10. CURRENT SECURITY AND PRIVACYAPROACHES FORMOBILE CLOUD COMPUTING 11. Aiming at Mobile Terminal Security Anti-malwareEx: Cloud AV Software vulnerabilities Regulating Users' Behavior 12. Aiming at Mobile Network Security Encryption Security Protocol 13. Aiming at Mobile Cloud Security Protection to Platform Reliability Data Encryption and Key Management Authentication and Access Control Privacy Protection 14. Summary 15. THANK YOU