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  1. 1. SEO Company-A Sharp Weapon for Business Success!Search marketing or Internet marketing is no more just having a website online andhaving customers come to you. That is just being online. If you want to use the globalreach of the Internet to the advantage of your business.Internet era has opened the doors to everyone to do anything on the internet. Anybody can dobusiness sitting in any corner of the world. Your business is open 24/7. Hence there is a chanceof getting good traffic at any time of the day. Nowadays SEO has become a buzz word in thebusiness world. Gradually they have come to know that SEO is a must to have emphasizing webpresence! Many corporate biggies have hired SEO Company to stay on the desired ranking inGoogle. This SEO Company will keep on working on bringing good ranking. So the role of SEOCompany has been very pivotal.Search Engine Optimization is called as SEO in short. It is a bundle of strategic plans tohighlight your web presence in Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others. Good SEO work can getyou the desired traffic. The more targeted visitors mean more business in short. SEO workorganically is the best method to have solid web presence. Customers will find you with the corekey words in Google or other search engines. In the process of web presence optimization, youneed to have SEO techniques and patience. The techniques are very laborious but sure shot inbringing the success.Usually they employ SEO Company for the SEO services and go for the analysis. This way SEOCompany helps you to be free, this way you can concentrate more on your own business to getgood returns. Concentrating on your business is much more fruitful than paying attention to thetraffic! Leave these concerns for SEO Company. Many of them who dont know about SEOthink that only gadgets, video and flash players will be good enough. But in reality it is entirelydifferent. Web site only shows your product. Navigation should be damn easy and user friendlythen only visitors will be happy.Your web site may be excellent but it is of no use until you get a good traffic. And this trafficwill be brought by only SEO Company or SEO techniques. The motto of SEO Company is to getthe good indexing in the Google. There are two ways of SEO mainly. One is on pageoptimization and the other one is off page optimization. Both are equally important having theirown density.On page optimization is like your face value. Unique content is needed all the time. Keywordrich content is the back bone of this whole SEO industry. Your wisdom lies in creating themebased content so that it should give a clear picture for those visitors. Images should be insertedconnected to your content. This is the basic SEO technique. The use of H1, H2 and H3 headingsis necessary. One more thing is just dont write for the sake of getting good ranking SEO butwrite for the people.
  2. 2. Lets see what is off page optimization in SEO. Article marketing, back link creation, forum andblogger commenting are off page activities. In the process you need to avoid black hat practices.A good SEO company will take care of all these things.