Sharepoint - turn on or turn off?

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Whilst SharePoint is a great platform user adoption is often a problem with deployments. This presentation has some id


<ul><li> 1. SharePointTurn on or Turn off? </li> <li> 2. Contact/ info @jesbreslaw @Workshare @workshare </li> <li> 3. Agenda Why do users turn off? 8 Tips to increase adoption Where can Workshare help? Workshare Point demonstration Summary @workshare </li> <li> 4. About Workshare Document Collaboration Solutions 18,000+ 553+ public sector 1.5 million+ 70 Customers customers customers users countries World Class Partners @workshare </li> <li> 5. SharePoint Maturity Model( @SPMaturity) @workshare </li> <li> 6. Maturity needs cross company adoption @workshare </li> <li> 7. Why do users turn off? If technology doesnt benefit me why use it? Should provide new ways of getting the same job done more quickly with less stress! Benefit Ease of use @workshare </li> <li> 8. The Forrester Survey: Best Practices inSharePoint 2010 Adoption and Migration Fails to satisfy as a standalone product 57% of customers have brought third-party tools to augment/improve SharePoint Once an organization recognizes SharePoint for what it is a strategic platform investment the expectations change </li> <li> 9. The Forrester Survey: Best Practices inSharePoint 2010 Adoption and Migration Barriers encountered Technical Issues Lack of Governance Functional Issues Funding issues User Adoption </li> <li> 10. Which of these are/were concerns for you about implementingSharePoint as your document/content repository? 70 % 60 % 50 % 40 % 30 % 20 % 10 % 0% Total 1000 - 3000 employees 3000 employees More than Retail, distribution and transport ManufacturingFinancial services commercial sector Other Level of customisation required Limited reporting and analytics Poor user interface We are not considering/using SharePoint I have/had no concerns </li> <li> 11. Not about User Adoption, but User Needs SharePoint requires customizations to create the services users want The interface to these services is just as important as the technology behind them.Your organisation must design, build and deploy a SharePoint platform that users NEED. @workshare </li> <li> 12. Gather input from every departmentacross the organization Include every functional group Increases cross-departmental use Who is accountable for the success or failure of SharePoint? @workshare </li> <li> 13. Know your audience Include popular content Do your homework or risk alienating users @workshare </li> <li> 14. Intranet usage Nordea: 70-80% of the employees visit the portal every day HP: 95% of employees use the intranet on a monthly basis BA: 94% of all employees access the intranet every month IBM: 80% of all employees access the intranet daily Daimler: 70% of all users in Germany log in at least once per month Microsoft: 60% employees visit MSW once a day( @workshare </li> <li> 15. Personalise SharePoint for your organisation Match the personality &amp; values of your organisation. Excite users by personalising the experience @workshare </li> <li> 16. Client side (@topsharepoint) @workshare </li> <li> 17. IntranetsIntranet Benchmarking Forum, ( @ibf) @workshare </li> <li> 18. Office toolsWorkshare Point @workshare </li> <li> 19. Help users understand the value Educate users beyond their current workflow Encourage them to do more Include a training plan @workshare </li> <li> 20. Dont just move old content to a new home Think carefully about what information they really need. Enable users to create and manage content more efficiently. @workshare </li> <li> 21. Socialise the experience Let users connect through social media tools Create a powerful social collaboration platform @workshare </li> <li> 22. Dont underestimate the importance of Search Index content properly. Keep users returning to the site. @workshare </li> <li> 23. Search statistics 16% of your week is spent searching for information 1 in 5 searches are unsuccessful(Return on Information, Google) @workshare </li> <li> 24. Test and launch Iron out the kinks Formal kickoff with executive participation @workshare </li> <li> 25. Introducing Workshare Point Increase user adoption through Office 2010 SharePoint Microsoft OfficeFeatures Benefits Manage SharePoint files from Outlook Share information currently in email Retrieve and file email and documents Transform SharePoint into a DMS Work offline, synchronize later Drive SharePoint adoption Leverage FAST search technology Save time, increase productivity Integrated with Workshare Professional @workshare </li> <li> 26. How does Workshare help user adoption? Personalise the experience Everyone uses Outlook differently.. ..but they use it! Enable users to create and manage content Version control becomes the norm Start benefitting from project centric filing @workshare </li> <li> 27. How does Workshare help user adoption? Help users understand the value of SharePoint Saves time, more productive, happier! Makes search work You cant search if you havent filed properly! Search becomes a feature not a separate tool Enable collaboration Seamless document review @workshare </li> <li> 28. SharePoint Maturity ModelCore definitions @workshare </li> <li> 29. Summary Organisations need effective collaboration solutions SharePoint must be deployed in a way that is user friendly. Leverage 3rd party applications to enhance SharePoint and increase user adoption.57% of customers are augmenting theirplatform with third-party tools, which is a broad range of solutions from webparts to workflow to administration tools. - Forresters Survey, July 2011 @workshare </li> <li> 30. Click here for a 90 second demo Click here to watch a recording of the webinar @workshare </li> </ul>


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