Simple Website Redesign Strategies that Will Boost User Experience

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Text of Simple Website Redesign Strategies that Will Boost User Experience

  1. 1. Easy Ways to Redesign Your Website to make it More Attractive to Visitors Is your official website suffering high bounce rates or low conversion rates? You need to have more than engaging content to keep your visitors hooked. A website needs a lot of care and polish before it starts paying dividends. It doesnt help that youre probably competing with thousands of websites in your niche, apart from the billion other websites that make up the World Wide Web.
  2. 2. Adopt a no-frills approach while redesigning your website Do you have widgets that no one uses? Remove them. Avoid using complex, cluttered-looking textures and gradients. Your website has to be able to communicate with your audience in a simple and effective manner, without them having to struggle to find what they want.
  3. 3. Use beautiful colors and make navigations simple Bright, harmonious colors are known to improve our mood. Use a complimentary color scheme on your website to attempt to engage your visitors and make them feel better. Also, use a consistent design theme on your website to make navigation simple for visitors. Your menu should be visible at all times, with large buttons and clearly visible labels to promote call-to-action.
  4. 4. Make your website easily accessible to mobile devices Your website has to be optimized for mobile devices with the help of responsive design. A lot more people now prefer browsing websites on their smartphones compared to their PCs, so it makes sense to make your website mobile friendly.
  5. 5. Higher load times spell doom for your website Visitors wont wait more than a handful of seconds for a web page to load. If your website pages are full of heavy videos, animations, and flash content, optimize or delete as much as possible to streamline the experience for users. Also, ensure that your website loads fast on mobile devices and tablets.
  6. 6. Have you already tried everything on our list and are still struggling with a low- functioning website? Perhaps its time you consider hiring the services of a professional web design team. Openwave has teams that work exclusively on the redesign, on a short-term basis, at affordable prices.
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