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  • 1. Social Demographics: Whos Using Todays Biggest Networks [INFOGRAPHIC] March 09, 2012 by Alissa Skelton 28 More than 66% of adults are connected to one ormore social media platforms, but who exactly are thesepeople?The infographic below, created by Online MBA, breaks downthe demographics, including education level, income, ageand gender of social media users, along with othermiscellaneous facts.Some sites users are more demographically alike thanothers. One thing is the same for most social sites college students, or those who have completed somecollege, represent the majority on social media sites likeFacebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg and Reddit. AmongFacebook users, 57% have completed some college, and24% have earned a bachelors or masters degree. Although, people 45 and older make up 46% of Facebook users.Social media sites are also seeing a gender split women use social media more than men. More women are on Facebook and Twitter. About 57% of Facebook and59% of Twitter users are women.Women gravitate toward Pinterest and young, techie men hang out on Google+. Pinterest has the heaviest gender imbalance 82% of users are women, who pincrafts, gift ideas, hobbies, interior design and fashion. On the other spectrum, Google+ is dominated by men (71%) and early adopters, engineers and developers.About 50% of Google+ users are 24 or younger.LinkedIn reports an even ratio of men and women 49% over age 45 who use the site to connect with other business professionals.Most people use social media to stay in touch with friends and family, and more are doing so while on the go. About 200 million Facebook users check their Timelinesfrom their mobile devices every day.Check out the infographic below to see all the statistics.
  • 2. Infographic courtesy of Online MBA.Image courtesy of iStock photo, RapidEye.Print Story Email Story Reprints28 Comments 1. autodaddict Follow Did someone make a colour pallette faux pas or are 46% of facebook users and 50% of G+ users over 45? 0-24 yrs old only 14% of FB? March 09, 2012 Reply 0 Flag this comment Alissa Skelton Follow There are no color faux pas according to these stats. The graphic and the stats show 50% of Google+ users are 0-24 and 11% are over 45.