Social networking api for Android Developers

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<ul><li><p>Social Networking APISatya Ram Twanabasu </p></li><li><p>Social Networking APIMotivationAPI Libraries for Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Networking Sites</p></li><li><p>MotivationUrge of Social Network SitesWe don't need to develop another Facebook...!Plethora of Mobile App. Based using Social Networking APIsMeetByChance,SocialMuse,AgileMessangerTweetDeck,TweetAssist,SwiftTwitter,XeekuTwitter</p></li><li><p>OpenSocialSocial Networking API by Google http:// www.opensocial.orgAPI supports for Hi5,MySpace,Orkut,Netlog,FriendFinder.Based on HTML &amp; JavaScriptReleased on Nov '07(v0.5) and latest version is 1.1(Nov '10)</p></li><li><p>OpenSocial for JavaOpenSocial Java Client Library JSON based Java Library packaged into single .jar fileWell documented and easy to use.Not yet stable version and hence regularly updated.</p></li><li><p>facebook-android-sdkAPI for FB by FB targeting Android http:// Application ID must be set for developing any mobile app. with this SDK active project, first began on May'10Well documented and highly recommended</p></li><li><p>Twitter4jUnofficial Java library for the Twitter API http:// twitter4j.orgTargeted for Android and well-documented Single .jar file no dependency for Oauth fileLatest version is 2.1.11Recommended API for Android</p></li><li><p>JTwitterJava library for the Twitter API http:// Open Source Project by Daniel WintersteiPackaged into two .jar files twitter.jar and signpost.jarSmall library with easy access to Twitter If you can do it at, you can probably do it with Jtwitter - homepage</p></li><li><p>Twitter-Android-sdkOpen Source Project hosted on githhub http:// Initiated by a Sugree(an active member of GithHub) on Oct 30,2010Very initial stage and not mature enough</p><p>*********</p></li></ul>