Startup Cofounder Wanted (And Awesome Geeky Puzzles)

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Hi, I'm Jon. I'm a former VC & entrepreneur who is looking for a cofounder for a startup. Regardless of whether you're looking - there are some fun geeky puzzles at the end. Enjoy! :)


  • 1. Hi.My name is Jon.

2. Im a serialentrepreneur,a former VC,and Im looking forcofounder(s)for a new startup. 3. Id love to meet someonethat has a complimentaryskill setwho works ashard as I do. 4. I live nearIts a great place with anI live near Boston.Boston.amazing startup scene. Its a great place with an amazing startup scene.However, Idconsidergoinganywhere. However with the right partner, Id consider anywhere. 5. So heres the pitch 6. ProblemPeople want to customizeproducts they feelconnected to.They also love uniqueness.Mass production allows no user input or variation. 7. 3D Printing Has Changed the Equation Mass Production cannot compete. 8. But 9. The software sucks. A lot.(for consumers) 10. SolutionAn very easy to use tool to let users fullydesign the products they want. 11. Market Validation230k Members (+130% YoY) 10,000 Items / Week (+313% 5YoY Avg.)$12M +300% YoY$300M$895M $400M 22M Users $100M$135M 12. Skipping to End Put on Internet? Intro Problem As much as Id love to Solutionpost my secret sauce Market Validation Product & Technology on the internet Market Size & Customers Go-to Market Strategy Business ModelI think Ill skip ahead. Competition Customer Acquisition Team 13. Who?CTO/Code Rockstar CEO/HustlerUX/Coder Heavy 3D modeling Ex VC - Fundraising Heavy UX Geometry / math Business strategy Web coding skills Preferably full stack Marketing Diagnosed OCD Codes projects for fun Metrics obsessed Loves lean AND agile Loves agile PM(omgz!) Loves lean Can be mean Nice guy Also nice guy Could be 1st hire instead.Engineer BusinessUX 14. Interested?Lets talk! 15. Oh, and do you like puzzles? Of course you do. As a fun icebreaker, includemy area code if youd like :) 16. 1st Digit(/ )?42 alkalinemod+( - ) =? 17. 2nd Digitp = Count( Rings of Power ) t = Missing( Count{ Holy Hand Grenade } ) z = The number here: e = Tens Digit (Answer to Everything) (p - # Sith)x= eu=tX U-1 - Loneliest #ModeColorleet - z 18. 3rd DigitStupidest_function_ever returns value q (binary) forgiven parameter n. It returns a true value if the digit inthe thousandths place of the quotient - of n divided bythe product of the number of planets when you wereborn and the sum of the episode numbers of good StarWars movies - is greater than four. n = 11540; while (n > 9000) {q = Stupidest_function_ever(n);printf( %d, q);n = n broken link;}printf (